08 August 2011

It's a bit toasty

I seem to keep disappearing from the blogosphere........but I'm not racing, barely training, hating my job and I really don't think y'all want to hear my repeated complaints......I also kinda have been avoiding facebook for the same reason.  So what has made me re-surface momentarily?  72.5 hours in a truck with a non-functioning air-conditioner down to Laredo and back, sigh. Yeah, call me broiled, lol.  Kinda resembled those onion rings above, all shiny and wrinkly from the excess of sweat.

Sorry for the blurry pic, it actually hit just over 120F a few moments later

There are several posts I should write though.........I have new shoes (well not so new by now)--heels, trainers for the trails, and boots that I need to write reviews for.

Chinese Laundry heels (have 2 pairs of these in luggage and black)

 Yay for Brooks Running shoes!!

Yes, I have omitted pics of my new boots, they're too good to not be featured in a post all on their own. There's also a new phone to brag on but that's gonna have to wait until I replace the screen on it--apparently sharp gravel and smartphone screens don't play well together, grrrr.

Oh yeah, back to my job............nah, really don't feel like going there again.  As it stands, I am prolly gonna take an extended vacation once my seniority date rolls around to decompress a bit and see about seeing some new (and not so new) sights.