31 December 2007

Pretty day

Nice weather today, sunny with just a little bit of a breeze, high near 60. Goes back to being cold (for here anyway) tomorrow with a high of 39 and low of 20. So far it looks like the weekend may be a little warmer again. Hope so, would like to get at least one good bicycle ride in. Back to work tomorrow afternoon, not going to be worth anything after 12 1/2 days off. James said something about riding the motorcycles today but I don't think that I will. Since I've lost weight I'm getting chilled easily, guess I need to find a good multi-vitamin. It's hard getting into the habit of taking supplements regularly.

Excellent workout today, heavy weights for approx. an hour. The treadmills were not emptying out at all so we ended up coming back home for the cardio. Did a 1.35 mile run/walk with James for about 20 minutes then finished up with an easy run by myself for a total of 3.51 miles. Felt great except for a nagging ache in my left front shin. I think that's from where I'm trying to build my weekly mileage up, having 2 hard runs in addition to my long run, and trying to make up a run the weekend before Christmas. Should have just skipped that one or cut it in half. Will probably make one of the harder runs a slower run later this week. Actually, I will probably have no choice since my work schedule is two days behind for this week.

My observation/rant/gripe/nitpicking for the day: Why do people bother getting tattooed if they are going to blur it into nothing by using a tanning bed. Personally I put too much money and pain into my ink (approx. $2000 for both arms) to have it be blueish and unrecognizable. That's not even taking into account the increased skin cancer risk or if that's not enough reason for you, what about the vanity aspect? Yes, I know most people are tanning because they think it makes them look skinnier, "healthier", or younger but they end up looking much older than what they are (plus have a yucky, blurry tattoo!!).

Speaking of tattoos, for the first time in about 10 yrs I can donate blood. Some of the states have relaxed their restrictions to 90 days after being tattooed down from being restricted 1 year but I don't think my area has. As of Dec. 14 it has been one year since my last tattoo session, so now I just need to find a blood drive in my town.

30 December 2007

I'm famous--well kind of, sort of (maybe in my own mind)

Friday evening I decided to check in on a couple of my favorite bloggers and podcasters Nik and Dan of 4 Feet Running and found out that they had mentioned my blog on their latest episode. This absolutely made my weekend!!!!! If you haven't checked out their podcast you need to even if you have absolutely no interest in running. I listen to a few other running and triathlon based podcasts and while runners would and do find the others entertaining and informative there isn't much to interest non-athletes. Not so with 4 Feet Running, there are times when I'm literally rolling with laughter at their back and forth banter and comments about their surroundings. Thanks for the mention!!

Do you ever have one of those days where you think you're going to have a good run and then nothing on your body wants to work right? well that was my run today. Weather was perfect, it's sunny, 44° when I left, didn't feel tired, was ok on my warmup walk. BUT then I started to run and boom-dead legs. It will usually take me 2 miles to get warmed up but things never seemed to loosen up today. I think because I left later than usual I didn't have enough fuel in me. The oatmeal (steel cut oats, mmmmm) with peanut butter mixed in just wasn't enough to keep me going with a later run today. Still managed to get in 9.26 miles in 1:32:34. Felt like I had to fight for every bit of it though. The schedule called for 8-10 miles so I met the goal for today.

One older gentleman on his walk this afternoon commented to James (with a smile) that it wasn't quite fair that he got to ride his bike while I ran. We usually get a fair number of comments and smiles on Sundays about how he has the easier job. I'm just glad that he's willing to ride along with me. I don't have to worry about carrying my water and whatever else I'm wanting to tote along that day and I definitely enjoy the company. Today's fuel was tri-berry GU, yuck, I'm just not a GU/gel kind of girl. Did decent with the margarita flavored shot blocks last week though. Wish I could find somebody else to run with on my longer runs around here. There are some very active running clubs in Batesville, Cabot, Jacksonville, etc. but the only group I've found around Searcy to run with I just didn't click with personality wise. Part of the problem (other people's problem not mine) is that I'm so heavily tattooed and this is a very conservative Church of Christ town. Quite a few people have these prejudices about certain things and don't bother looking beyond them. I am starting to have a lot of 50-60 year old women stopping me and complimenting me on my arms though, the tattoo reality shows are starting to break down some of the barriers and it's becoming "cool" now.

Today's pic is the view from my "office" from 3 weeks ago, driving on Hwy 64 east across Crowley's Ridge outside of Wynne, AR.

28 December 2007

Pics of the damage

photos of our "christmas present" from last Friday morning. Some people just suck.

Ow ow ow!!!!!!

I hurt!! My triceps are sore, my butt is sore, my biceps and shoulders are sore. I think my husband had it in for me yesterday on the weight workout. Normally I do 20-30 minute weights 1-2 times a week but I decided to let James be my personal trainer yesterday because I was needing to kick things up a notch in that dept. Yeah. Walking lunges, bench presses, assisted pull-ups, bicep curls, he pretty much hit everything for 1 1/2 hrs. I could barely get into our pickup this morning.

Had 6 miles planned today, did 4.5 with 8 sets of strides (30/60 second sets). Tried the 20/40 second sets for the first 2 but it was driving me crazy bumping the speed up and down on the treadmill that often. Our health club is kept at too high of a temperature to be comfortable for harder cardio workouts, I always try to find a treadmill in front of the fan and still end up with a very red face from the heat. Bought donuts as a reward and stopped by our local bike shop to share the calories. I would like to get down to 115 lbs (currently at 123) but I think I will wait until after the 1st to try to drop down. 123 seems to be my body's happy weight right now.

Oh yeah, I'm now registered for the March 2 Little Rock HALF marathon. I think I have officially lost my mind.

Weekly total--approx. 28.5 miles

27 December 2007

Running update

12 miles on Sunday in a hour and 58 minutes. Not an easy run, it was cold and I had tired legs from doing a 5 mile stride workout the day before. No more hard runs back to back anymore!! I completed it and I think I could have gone farther but it wasn't enjoyable so as soon as the forerunner showed 12 miles that was it.

An easy 3.08 miles in 27:38 on Monday morning. Again cold but it was sunny and a lot more fun than the day before. Rest day on Tues., 6 mile pace run Wed. on the treadmill.

Weight workout this morning for 1 1/2 hrs with James as my trainer followed by an easy 3 miles on the treadmill. I'm going to be sore tomorrow!! 24 miles total so far for the week with 6 strides planned tomorrow.

Lazy blogger

I'm a lazy, lazy blogger right now.

Last Thursday night/Friday morning we got an expensive Christmas "gift". Somebody or somebodies decided they were bored and decided to go around throwing bricks through the windows of vehicles parked on the street. Our back glass on our pickup was shattered and the brick was laying behind the seat. Our neighbor had a brick laying on the ground just past his pickup where they missed his window. The Searcy police officer that came out to write up the report said that he just came from 2 blocks over where they had also nailed the window on a Ford Mustang. Later that day we found out that there were vehicles that had been vandalized with gold spray paint. I think that I would have preferred the spray paint to the window. At least the paint we could have waited on getting repaired. We had been discussing replacing the back glass with a sliding rear window anyway and it was $150 more so that's what we did. It may seem silly but we had an Atlas Carriers employee parking sticker on the back and we're both depressed over losing that because it's not replaceable.

16 December 2007

"I Am Legend" rocks!!

I actually managed to stay awake long enough friday night to go see "I Am Legend". Excellent movie, Will Smith is in his element with these types of flicks. My only complaint is about the movie theater itself. You now purchase your tickets in the concession line, which would work ok if there were actual lines/lanes marked out. But as it is it's just fight your way in one big mass and hope that you're in an actual line. Oh yeah and hope that some 13-14 year old guy doesn't let 5 of his buddies in line with him ahead of you after you've been standing in line for 20 minutes. Wouldn't have been so bad if they would have paid at one time instead of individually. Anyway it's a horrible setup.

Saturday's workout was full body weight routine followed by 4 miles on the treadmill. Cold and rainy again. My shins/calves are still sore from the Wed. run (hills, concrete, + shoes that need to be taken out of the rotation). I think that brought me up to 25 miles on the week.

Did a little more shopping yesterday, tried out a newish chocolate shop in Searcy called Pearley May's. Delicious!!! There are these hard lemon flavored chocolate candies that are to die for. The lemon doesn't hit you all at once, very subtle and yummy. Bought a chocolate arrangement there for the shipping dept. at Pulaski. They are some of the nicest people I've worked with.

Today's run was 8.19 miles outside in 1:16:30. Hard to get going and stay motivated. It was sunny but cold, around 34* with a brisk wind. We left out after 10 a.m. Felt sorry for James, he can't get up enough speed to get warmed up because of keeping pace with me. He said that it was cold on his face and lower legs but was bundled up in the torso so that portion was on the warm side, just couldn't get his body temp. even. Once I got warmed up I was ok except for the Center St. section, too many trees for the sunshine to come through and facing into the wind. Even had to shed my gloves and vest. My hands are a little windchapped though. Parts of the bicycle trail had flooded the past couple of days and there was one section that was covered over with mud this morning, it was slick. At one point I was doing kind of a modified penguin shuffle run to get through it. I did manage to get my scheduled 8 miler in and even did a 1/8 mile sprint at the end (trying to get used to kicking up the speed when tired).

14 December 2007

12-10-07 thru 12-14-07

I'm supposed to be shopping for gifts but decided to update the blog first. Our house smells like southwestern chili right now, it's simmering in the crockpot. I was fitted for my new contacts this afternoon, it sucks having bad vision. The optometrist ended up special ordering my lens' this time around but the good news is that they seem to be correcting my astigmatism better. Bad news is that they're not disposables and ended up costing $240 for a single pair. Listening to Ep. 13 of the 4 Feet Running podcast. Yes, I'm a little behind on the episodes.

12-10 run was at Malvern, AR 3.04 miles in 28:11. Ran just before dark so couldn't get in more than that. A couple of small hills but had a view of the river for most of it. Was almost run over once on a deserted portion of the road and whistled at a little later by somebody in a pickup. I'm not quite sure how to respond when that (the whistling) happens. As of right now I just ignore it. Watched a TNI driver and a car driver almost wreck in the wal-mart parking lot. Looked to be a case of neither wanted to be the first to back down, both wanted to get to their parking spot first. Because I was loaded earlier than normal I made it to Canton, Tx before going to bed.

12-11. Took Tuesday as a rest day. It was nice getting through Austin and San Antonio before the evening rush hours. Osvaldo at Laredo is giving me mini spanish lessons. I told him that I understood a little (un poco) but only if the conversation was slow, most everybody speaks too fast for me to follow.

12-12. Ran Wed. afternoon at Canton, TX. Rainy and cold. Mix of grass, dirt (mud!), concrete, and asphalt surfaces and a little hilly. My Garmin also was acting up during part of the run so don't have an accurate distance, lost at least 1/2 mile. 5.10 miles in 49:59. Got the "You're a truck driver?!" question/comment from another driver at the fuel stop where I was parked. He then told me that he'd seen me jogging and that it was unusual to see a woman jogging in the rain. Kind of an odd situation--once I told him that my husband was in the truck parked next to mine, he started apologizing saying he didn't mean any offense. Up to that point he hadn't said anything to my face that I would have taken offense to (except for the "jogging" part :-)!!) so it makes me wonder what he was saying on the cb prior to that.

12-13. Bicycle ride with James--approx. 13 miles in an hour. Yes, I'm a slow pedaler, but the time includes having to wait at stop lights and intersections waiting for traffic to clear. Rode the mountain bike. It was a pretty, sunny day but cool. I included a couple of errands on the ride to save having to drive the pickup to do them later on. Afterwards we drove his mother to Little Rock for an appt with an gastroenterology specialist. She ended up with yet another prescription. I had a 3 mile run scheduled for that evening but just went to bed early instead.

12-14. Cold and overcast. Treadmill day, did the 3 miles I was scheduled for yesterday. Will try to get another short run in tomorrow and still need to do weights, but I have to get Christmas shopping done. I'm running out of time!!!!!!!!! Planning on going to see "I Am Legend" tonight.

Multimedia message


09 December 2007

Sunday long run

A little warmer than yesterday but still foggy and drizzly. 10.03 mile run today in 1:43:38. Longest run yet for me but I think if absolutely necessary I could have gone a little further. Wasn't necessary though :-). Left later than normal so we were catching the Sunday morning church traffic, definitely have to watch out for the older drivers because they do not believe in sharing the road at all. We had 2 different drivers that were determined to run us down this morning (James kept me company on the bicycle). Tried something new this morning since it was going to be a long run by eating breakfast directly before running. Had a bowl of oatmeal and a boiled egg. No issues but did have to make one bathroom pitstop at Burger King, expected to have to do that though.

We were having to dodge raccoon poop this morning on 1 section of the bike trail. I didn't stop to check it out but James said it was from raccoons because it had persimmon seeds in it. Usually we have to watch the dog poop because there are several people that walk their dogs but don't carry any bags to clean up after they do their business. Haven't had that as much the past 3 weeks because it has been colder and the people aren't wanting to walk that far right now. Didn't meet anybody else this morning, we were in between times for church. The only company we had was a police officer on the section that runs beside ASU-Searcy. Somebody had been tearing up the hay pasture on a 4-wheeler so maybe they were patrolling because of that.

Feel ok right now except for my lower back and my right shoulder being a little stiff. Got to get ready for the work week now.


08 December 2007

Friday and Saturday

Gloomy, cloudy, misty rainy days, but actually had 2 days of great workouts. Yesterday was a 3.12 mile run in 27:42. Immediately got home changed into warmer clothes and took off on the bicycles with James. He had everything ready to go so I was still sweaty from my run when we left. Had a bit of a scare, some guy coming at us was hanging out of his pickup window screaming and yelling. I initially thought it was James yelling behind me, thought somebody had run him over (never mind that it didn't sound like him at all, it was so unexpected). James said that was a good example of why first cousins should never marry. We tried to make it up this huge hill that's just off of Holmes Rd. I didn't make it but a few feet on my first try, forgot how to downshift quickly!! James made it 1/2 way up on a 3 speed comfort bike before he decided that was enough to beat me. He didn't realize that I was going to make a 2nd run, made it just past him without having to stand up on the pedals but I was struggling. End mileage was 10.9 miles and a stop at the donut shop for coffee and breakfast, ran into somebody we knew and it ended up being a 2 hr break. Stopped at Bike City and bought some toe clips and waited out the rain and talked for another hour. We decided that I needed to go with the clips that didn't have the straps, I want to be able to get out quickly with being new to the road bike. I can get my right foot in ok but still learning on the opposite foot, almost took out the neighbor's pickup this morning trying to get clipped in.

This morning was a 3.27 mile run in 30:02, then home for breakfast (steel cut oats and a boiled egg) before meeting at Bike City for the Sat. morn. fun ride. Didn't think anybody else was going to show up but Dewayne, Becky, and Gary came in. James was test riding a mountain bike this morning, he really liked it but the knobby tires slowed him down. This bike was a little big for him which is surprising since he is 6'3". My goal is to be able to keep up with Gary, not quite there yet. A few more months yet if I continue at the pace I'm at now with the bike training. Gary's ramping up his training mileage too, so I may never get to his level.

I'm starting my Christmas shopping today, I've procrastinated enough. Looove online shopping, the stores this time of year fray my nerves.

07 December 2007

Update for the week

I had a really long post on Monday but didn't notice that it wasn't autosaving like normal so lost everything when I lost my internet connection. Anyway Sunday I had a 10 minute weight workout, then 4.75 miles on the treadmill. It looked nasty weatherwise so I just decided to rearrange my schedule and go to the health club. Little did I know that the temp. was actually perfect to a little warm, it just looked cold and menacing.

Monday was a rest day, Tuesday was an excellent run!!! 5.04 miles in 47:11. It was cold in the beginning, but once I got warmed up it went great. I hated to stop at 5 miles, felt like I could have done another 2 easy but unfortunately there was this thing called work that interfered. Took Wed. as another rest day, really wanted to run but wasn't comfortable with the area that I had as an option when I took a break. Because of my gender I have to be careful of where I choose to go out and about.

Today I was late getting home, there is a recall on some of the freightliners right now that has to do with replacing some of the bolts on the steering column. Evidently there has been quite a few trucks that had the tilt steering not working properly. It was an easy fix though, just a matter of minutes for the mechanic at the dealership to replace the bolts. I think it took longer to have spare keys made than it did to repair. We ate at Carino's, had some awesome chocolate cake there. Made a stop at Academy Sports, I picked up a long sleeve Russell technical shirt and a pair of capri tights while James drooled over the kayaks. Then we fed our pickup, $62 to fill it up today. Made a stop at Riders Ready bicycle shop in Cabot, they seemed like super nice people. They had these new lights in stock that are not battery powered but are powered by the rotation of the wheel. You don't have to worry about turning them on or off, $60 for the set of 2, front and rear. James ordered one set from there and will then take them into Bike City to see if they can get them because he actually wants to run 2 in the front and 2 in the rear. I then went to the gym and put in 5.5 miles on the treadmill. 15.25 miles for the week so far.

Finished up listening to Scott Sigler's "Ancestor" this week. His stuff is great but it can be spooky listening when you are traveling back roads on a rainy night. Definitely kept me alert Sunday night!! Started listening to "Murder at Avedon Hill" by P.G. Holyfield (spelling?) and trying to listen to 4 Feet Running podcast but the volume is a little low on the earlier episodes so difficult to listen to when in the truck but very entertaining.

02 December 2007

run for the CHILL of it

Ran the Reindeer 5k yesterday morning in Russellville and set a new p.r.--25:08. That's a 1 minute 3 second improvement over the last race on the same course. I decided that I wasn't putting enough into the races because I still had a lot of energy afterwards. Moved forward into the starting pack and kept a faster 1st mile pace than normal (7:45). Going out was no problem because there was a brisk tailwind pushing us but since this is an out and back course that tailwind became a headwind and boy was I contemplating a walk break. I was also wishing that I had my ipod with me to help take my mind off of everything. Kept pace with another woman throughout the race, she'd pass me, I'd pass her, but she had enough at the end for a final kick and passed me a final time. I had nothing left at that point. 63 seconds may not seem like a huge improvement but it's tougher than it sounds, I am so sore today!!!! Did place first in my age group (Yay!!!!). Did run into a couple of people that I went to school with. Everybody looks different but I keep being told that I look just like I did 20+ yrs ago, I think it's my chubby cheeks.

Afterwards we went to visit with my sister , b.i.l., nephew and niece. Didn't do anything with my hair because it just takes to long to dry. I look like I have little devil horns in the pic with my husband because of the little curls popping out. It looks like we were mad at each other because we were so sitting so far apart but it was the chairs that were being used at my brother in law's company party. The only way we could have moved closer was to stand up or if I sat in his lap.

30 November 2007

New bicycle!!!!!!

I've had a Marin Portofina road bicycle on layaway at Bike City for the past month and James and his mom surprised me with an early Christmas present by going ahead and paying it off for me today. I had an armload of laundry when the doorbell rings and I was kind of cranky when I opened the door and they were standing there. Boy was I surprised when James said come on out and look what we have here. Moral of the story, don't get snappish over something small.
Here's the link to Marin's website--http://www.marinbikes.com/2008_Marin/bikes/specs_portofina.php.
No pictures yet, I'll try to get some taken over the weekend. I'm so excited about having a road bike, I would like to try a duathlon next year. No tris for me at least until I get some swimming lessons. I also need to take pics of James' bicycle, he has done some customizing to it, starting to resemble an Electra bike. Why don't we have cheap hobbies?


Made it into N. Little Rock last night, fueled this morning and drove on home. Finally did some much needed cleaning on the inside of my truck, it now smells like lavender Fabuloso, mmmm. I dislike the truck that I'm assigned to now, my previous truck was a Volvo, super nice truck, I now have a freightliner century class s/t (the s/t in my opinion stands for sh**ty truck). The volvo was assigned to me with a grand total of 12 miles on the odometer and four years later it looked as good as the day I got it. The freightliner had 386 miles on it but it is just not as well made a truck. 55,000 miles on the odo. and the door seals are already breaking down. Plus it has optimized idle on it so you're not able to idle the truck when it's cold or hot without it shutting down and starting up every 30 mins. Imagine your alarm clock going off every 30/45 minutes all night long and somebody shaking your bed at the same time, that's what I have right now. Earplugs help with the buzzers sounding but there is no getting around the truck shaking. It doesn't improve the fuel mileage, I actually get 1-2 mpg less on this truck hauling the same loads as before.

We were able to find a couple of the XM Delphi Skyfi3's last month when Best Buy clearanced them out at $29.99. My husband installed them in our trucks this morning. They seem to be nice units but the fm modulator is not as strong in these as the earlier skyfis or roadys.

Tonight was the dreadmill night, I haven't been hydrating properly so I was getting some major stitches the first 30 minutes, really need to watch that--coffee isn't an appropriate substitute for water. Total including a 1/4 mile warmup and 5 minute cooldown was 6.2 miles in 65 minutes. Also did a 15 minute weight workout before the cardio. I love doing the machine rows!! On a good day I can do 30 regular pushups without stopping, usually try for a 100 total but it's split up into 4-5 sets. My goal is to be able to do a full chinup.

28 November 2007


Ran 5.01 miles in 44:53. It was cold!!!!!!!! Ran at a faster than normal Tues. pace because of that. Usual pace at Sulphur Springs is more in the 9:30 range because of the road surface and hills. When you first take off it's a gradual downhill for the first 1.5 miles. It's so gradual that you don't notice it until the turnaround point and start coming back and you're looking at the hills. In Texas you have to be careful because if there are wide shoulders and the motorists will use them as a slow lane to allow faster traffic by. I'm not complaining, I do it too, and everybody in the area that I run is very courteous about watching for me. The only problems I have had has come from a couple of women that are on the larger side and now I know that if I see their car coming I need to get in the grass because they are going to crowd me no matter what.

OK, gripe for the day time! My husband has been driving truck for 19 yrs and I've been driving for a little over 7 yrs. We try to keep a safe distance between the us and the traffic around us but sometimes it's not always possible to keep as much of a cushion as we would like. Yesterday we came through San Marcos during a busy part of the day and this woman drives onto the freeway and immediately gets in the middle lane. No problem except she does this directly in front of my husband and then decides that he is following too closely. Now keep in mind that the trucks we drive are governed back to 67 mph and we are in no way capable of exceeding the speed limit in most areas. She starts looking in her mirror and braking hard, there is no where for my husband to go, trucks are prohibited in the fast lane (and even if they weren't, there was traffic blocking that option), there is a steady stream of traffic in the slow lane now passing so he can't move over there. His only option is to back down and try to keep as much distance from her as possible yet try not to be even more of a traffic hazard than she is and signal to move into the slow lane and hope somebody will see what's going on and let him over. Well, she takes him down to 50 mph on a 70 mph interstate and then darts into the hammer lane in front of a line of cars that are doing more than 70. WTF was this woman thinking?!? 1. if you are afraid of the interstate traffic there are usually perfectly good frontage roads to use. 2. Stay in the slow lane if you are going to go slower than the rest of the traffic. 3. Don't move over in front of a semi and start braking hard. 4. Don't dart out in the fast lane and almost cause a multi-vehicle pileup. She wasn't even on a mobile phone so can't blame her idiocy on that. I wish I could say that this was not an everyday occurence but it isn't unfortunately. I'm not saying that it always happens to us but it is something we do witness at least once a day. By the way if you see a truck signalling to move over if it's safe to do so just back out of it a little to let us change lanes, it will only slow you down for a few seconds, I promise :-). Rant over.


27 November 2007

No run today but registration for the 5k sat. is mailed. I did get loaded 2 hrs early today but decided to go ahead and keep today as a rest day despite yesterday being a very short run. Tomorrow should be back to my normal schedule. Today's photo is from my 2nd favorite race of the year--the Hot Summer Night 4 miler in Jonesboro, 8/10/07. My first age group award and my first real runner's high, boy was I hyper after that race. Temps were in the high 90's with a heat index of well over 100.

25 November 2007

no long run

Cold and wet today, Sunday is usually my long run day but not this time. Went out and managed to get a little over 20 mins. in before calling it quits. Not sure about the distance but was going a faster than normal to try to get warmed up. Did warm up but our streets were flooding in spots so ended up with shoes full of water several times. Not fun. Normally I like to run in the rain but just couldn't hack the ankle deep puddles today. Health club doesn't open up until 1300 and I want an early start today because of holiday traffic through Memphis so the treadmill isn't an option today. Oh well, maybe I can get loaded early enough tomorrow to stop back thru in the evening to get a quick run in.

Thinking about doing the Reindeer 5k in Russellville Sat., need to make up my mind quick to get the entry form in. I had so much fun at the Fall Fest 5k in October (got a 1st place age division award!!) because that was the first time that I had part of my family other than my hubby there to cheer me on. James is great, has been there for all of my races except one, always cheers me on and takes pictures (even the times when I've let nerves get the best of me and snapped at him). The picture today is from my very first race at the Toad Suck 5k, very tired and very happy because I ran straight thru with no walk breaks--chip time of 29:33.

24 November 2007

Yard work

Normally on Sat. mornings a group of us get together at Bike City to go for an approx. 12 mile fun ride (bicycle, not motorcycle), but with it being so cold I think everybody laid out. I know we did!! Finished cleaning out our rental storage building this morning (it was broke into last month) and then started raking the lawn. I swear anymore trees we plant are going to have big leaves--those are much easier to rake. We did purchase an electric leaf blower over the summer that has a bag and mulcher attachment. That made the clean up of the leaves so much easier. As I'm playing on the internet my husband is giving the lawn a final mow before sowing more grass seed. I think that's one of the signs we're getting older--an obsession with the yard.

I did take advantage of Hasting's after thanksgiving sale to get some new music (well new to me, 4 out of 5 were used cds)--NIN, linkin park, The Hives (2), and Stabbing Westward. The Nine Inch Nails got me thru the treadmill run last night!! My husband got a 1gb Sansa Clip yesterday. It seems like an excellent player plus has the fm stations and a nice display, all for $40. My 1st gen. shuffle is not going to last much longer, when it gives out I think I will go with the Clip for workouts. Sweat and the 1st gen. shuffle do not get along.


Winter is arriving in central Arkansas, I am so not ready for this. The cooler temps are great for running but sucky for everything else I want to do. Weight workout and then 5.3 miles on the treadmill. Friday evenings are slow at the health club so no fighting for space in the weight area-Yay!! Total miles for the week just over 22. I know that may not seem like much but I just started running last March. I took it up initially just to lose some weight but it has turned into something I enjoy and sometimes get cranky about if I have to miss a run because of a change in schedule. Highly recommend the couch to 5k program on coolrunning.com.

Yarnell's pumpkin pie ice cream is divine!! I can't believe that my husband and I finished off an entire carton in 2 days. Good thing it's limited edition. The photo above is of my very handsome hubby, James, my biggest cheerleader.

23 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Made it home midafternoon today, we didn't get in any hurry because of the holiday traffic yesterday. I35 was a mess from just north of San Antonio to Waco, bypassed Dallas so really
can't comment on that portion. Rushed to Wal-Mart before the store closed to buy food for the weekend, actually wasn't too bad.

Today's run was from where I park my truck to our house. 4.39 miles in 39:24. That's a little faster than what I should have done considering a lot was on hills and concrete and I had achy knees for about an hour afterwards as a result. Ran in my trail shoes since that's what I carry with me on the road and I think I may need to replace them a little sooner than expected. I also wasn't as hydrated as I should have been. Total for the week is 17.11 miles, will add some more tomorrow on the treadmill. Boring but it's easier on my legs if I can get in at least 1 run a week this way.

Watched Beowulf tonight, ate a bunch of very unhealthy theater popcorn (I think I'm starting to prefer the airpopped from home though). Movie was good but not great. 300 is still my favorite for the year. Looking forward to "I am Legend" and "Jumper".

I have two more episodes left of "Crescent" a podiobook by Phil Rossi. Great podcast, I highly recommend it if you like the sci-fi/horror genre.

20 November 2007

Trailer fixed and today's run

Finally got the trailer fixed. Lots of fun to see mechanics come out thinking that the problem was with me but then finding out hey they can't get the doors to close and latch either. Temporary fix was 2 big guys and a 5 lb. sledgehammer, final fix was a mechanic grinding down the top two catches. Almost as good as Fourth of July watching the sparks fly.

Today's run was near Prescott, AR. Almost normal Tuesday run, 3.72 miles in 34:26. Felt good except for my left little toe that I stubbed two weeks ago. My Asics trail shoes are a little on the tight side and that toe was getting a little bit squished. Approx. 100 mi. left on these shoes before they get relegated to yard duty. 59*, foggy, light mist and a wind out of the west that kicked up after my turn around point that seemed determined to push me down the hill when I wanted to go up. Total mileage for the week so far is 12.72 (had a 9 mile long run on Sunday). Today should have been closer to 4.5-5 miles, but was running late from yesterday. Anyway naptime now, hopefully the Austin I35 traffic will let up some (wishful thinking on my part, the only time that traffic lets up is-----never!)

19 November 2007


My baby, 2002 FXST, softail standard for those who don't know the Harley alphabet code. Love how my bike looks but really wish that I had gone with the Dyna instead for the midrange controls. The forward controls on my softy look sharp but can really become uncomfortable on longer rides because I'm stretched out so much. Hoping to get a Buell within the next couple of years, just can't make up my mind between the Firebolt or the Lightning. Still trying to make up my mind on the 1125R. I like how everything sounds about it but just not sure about the appearance of the fairing. I did get a chance to take a test ride on a Lightning at the Bumpus Memphis dealership back in the spring, fell in love but couldn't justify the payment at this time. I also would like to be able to test the Firebolt and 1125R before making a final decision.

The dresser in the background is my husband's ride, he also has a 1999 Honda Shadow Ace that he bobbed out but he sold it over the weekend so that he could get started on his next project.

It's all about me me me

Usually the first words I hear when somebody finds out that I drive a big truck are "You're a truck driver?!!" or "You actually drive that truck by yourself?" or even the occasional "You don't look like a truck driver." People have a preconceived notion of what a truck driver should look like and a small female is not what that stereotype is. One guy that I graduated high school with said that I was the last person he would have thought would be a truck driver. Still not quite sure how to take that comment.

However, as much as I like my job, it is just that--a job to support my life, it's not my whole life. I'm also a sister, aunt, runner, tattoo collector, scifi geek, avid reader, motorcycle enthusiast, wannabe fashionista, beginning bicyclist and kayaker, magazine junkie, podcast listener, m.a.c. addict, etc, etc. Nobody is one dimensional.

But back to the job, yes I'm a driver, yes I drive solo (5 out of the 7 years total that I've been driving), no most of the time I'm not scared. Right now I run a regional route from the west central TN area to Laredo, TX, have been doing this particular run for a little over 2 years.

Today I'm going to be later than normal, I have a trailer with a warped door that refuses to close so I'm waiting outside a customer's gate for the service truck to arrive. Tried all the normal tricks, beat on the latches and rods with a hammer, parked on uneven ground, got a much taller driver (over 6 ft.) to help but to no avail, that door just isn't going to shut without some mechanical intervention. It appears that the door and/or the hardware has been replaced recently but it wasn't adjusted properly when it was done. So that leaves me here waiting on a service truck.