13 May 2013

2012 Races and Events

1/22/2012  The One Hour Track Run. Russellville, AR 6.65 miles and 814 feet, 26 laps
2/04/2012  RiverTrail 15k.  Little Rock, AR 1:27:18
2/11/2012  Valentine's Day 5k.  Russellville, AR 25:19
2/11/2012  Shut Up + Run: Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold
2/18/2012  Sylamore 25k
2/19/2012  Run the Line Half Marathon.  Texarkana, TX and Arkansas  2:02:58
3/10/2012  Chase Race 2M.  Conway, AR 15:28
3/17/2012  Big Rock Mystery Run.  Little Rock, AR 2:19
3/24/2012  Spring Fling 5k.  Cabot, AR  24:14
3/31/2012  HighRock Hop 10 Miler.  Batesville, AR  2:37:05
4/07/2012  Capital City Classic 10k.  Little Rock, AR 51:20
5/05/2012  Toad Suck 10k.  Conway, AR 57:34
5/12/2012  Women Run Arkansas 5k.  Conway, AR 23:53
5/13/2012  Jesse is Awesome 1/2 Marathon. Little Rock, AR 2:10:59
5/19/2012  Joplin Memorial Run 1/2 Marathon. Joplin, MO 2:03:39
6/16/2012  Go!Mile.  Little Rock, AR 6:43
9/02/2012  Tupelo 14.2 Miler.  Tupelo, MS
12/8/2012  Frozen Feet 5k.  Conway, AR 21:50

Notable for the year:  I qualified for the Half-Fanatics by running 2 in 2 days with the Sylamore 25k trail race and the Run the Line 1/2 Marathon, ran my fastest mile ever with the 6:43, took 3rd overall in the clinic division at the Women Run Arkansas 5k and set a 5k personal record at 21:50 in December.  Not much racing wise for the 2nd part of the year but had some awesome training with a great workout partner.

09 May 2013


Kickball is something I never played in school--yeah, I know, how could that be--and never thought I'd be interested in until I stumbled across an article about the Little Rock Kickball Association. OHMYGOSH I think I had a deprived childhood!  I certainly wish that I had found out about sooner, Poo is my hero! Whoa,  exclamation overload, eh? But seriously watch this documentary and tell me you don't wanna have fun with these people! Gives me warm fuzzies about where I'm from which I only get on rare occasions anymore.

"See Ya Sunday"