23 July 2012

Too awesome not to share

I'm sure most have seen this, especially those in the UK since it featured on the BBC and Telegraph sites earlier today but the double decker bus doing push-ups is one of the coolest pieces of art I've seen (not that I'm anywhere near a connoisseur).  I'm not sure what I find more fascinating though, the realistic grunts and groans as it "works out" or the cute rear view of the bus, lol.  Kudos to the sculptor David Cerny for both his work and his view on why the push-ups.

Thanks to TWBrit for sending me the BBC news link this morning

08 July 2012

Still Running

I'm at a bit of a loss about what direction to take the blog in since I'm no longer driving a truck, I seem to be kind of drifting in that regard so any suggestions about what you would like to see (or read) please feel free to let me know.

Gratuitous self-pic because I'm pleased that I'm starting to get ab definition

My running is going quite well though and I'm even adding in an occasional cycle trainer session and now in the routine of doing 2 major weight/core sessions per week which is resulting in some nice changes in my body. The trail running is something I always look forward to doing especially when we can get out and hit some hills. Today however turned into a major suffer and sweat fest about halfway through and our entire group was feeling it.  Like most of the country we are under a severe heat wave (100F plus days that started last month) and NO rain.  Well at least until yesterday when small showers and a major wind storm hit the central Arkansas area.  One of those small showers popped up this morning midway through our run, immediately after the sun came out and turned the area into a sauna.  I was so sweat-soaked that I could wring the moisture out of my shorts and my shoes were sopping from sweat dripping down my legs into them. Gross, eh?

One of the many large trees that had been blown down yesterday

Looks like fall rather than early July

Forcing smiles because our legs HURT! Notice the lack of sunshine--that's about to change

Yep, this is when it started feeling like we were running in a sauna.

02 July 2012

Feverish earworm

Sometimes I can get lost on youtube following links of recommended vids.  This weekend I happened to stumble across Fever Ray, can't get enough of their music now.

Something different

It wasn't my first visit to London but it was quite a treat to stumble upon Cleopatra's Needle on this one.  At first we thought it was a replica but were quite enthralled to find out that it was the real deal.

Please click on the photos to read the plaques 

I think I found this the most interesting part of all though

Damage from the bomb as detailed in the pic of the plaque above

You also don't have to visit London to find one of these obelisks, the twin to this one is in New York City's Central Park and there is a 3rd from a different area in Paris (whose twin is still in the original site according to the wiki).  

01 July 2012

Sunny day in London

Oh yes, it is time for another pic heavy post from my adventures in the UK last month during the unseasonably warm first week of my visit.  I have many, many more but don't have the patience to go through them all at once so hope everyone will forgive the slowness of me putting some of 'em up.

Runners entering Green Park after the Bupa 10k. I wanted to run this but it was full by the time I decided when I would go back to the UK

Finish line after the race on The Mall

St. James's Park, following a friend to eat at Inn the Park after she ran the 10k.  It was a happening place, we lost the table at once while we were waiting to be seated by people who just walked in the side door and just sat down, lol.  Also nearly witnessed a fight between servers who were a little frazzled with how busy it was.  Right now it's currently closed until September due to the beach volleyball Olympic event being held on the Horse Guards parade ground

The Admiralty Arch which as of mid-February was on the market for 75 million pounds. My birthday is in February........just a suggestion if anyone wants to buy me something extra-special, lol. 

People-watching on (at) Nelson's Column

me :-)

The Olympics countdown clock seemed very out of place

All the ubiquitous British red in the background then the All-American red Levis logo

The Market in Covent Garden, all flagged out for the Diamond Jubilee

Smelled and looked so yummy (The Market)

Now that's a party barge ;-)

Me with a "bobby" (not sure if that's considered derogatory now or not). Believe it or not he smiled when we asked if it was ok for us to take a pic. Oh yeah, it was quite windy that day--way too many pics messed up because of my crazy hair. Huge thanks to TWBrit for stopping and asking him if we could have the pic (and for picking out a cute one although I don't think that was intentional, lol).

Still haven't managed to circle about in the London Eye

The queue to get into Westminster Abbey, love the couple leaning into each other

Not a fantastic pic or anything but I do love the corners on the left

Being a bit naughty at Scotland Yard wink-wink