08 July 2012

Still Running

I'm at a bit of a loss about what direction to take the blog in since I'm no longer driving a truck, I seem to be kind of drifting in that regard so any suggestions about what you would like to see (or read) please feel free to let me know.

Gratuitous self-pic because I'm pleased that I'm starting to get ab definition

My running is going quite well though and I'm even adding in an occasional cycle trainer session and now in the routine of doing 2 major weight/core sessions per week which is resulting in some nice changes in my body. The trail running is something I always look forward to doing especially when we can get out and hit some hills. Today however turned into a major suffer and sweat fest about halfway through and our entire group was feeling it.  Like most of the country we are under a severe heat wave (100F plus days that started last month) and NO rain.  Well at least until yesterday when small showers and a major wind storm hit the central Arkansas area.  One of those small showers popped up this morning midway through our run, immediately after the sun came out and turned the area into a sauna.  I was so sweat-soaked that I could wring the moisture out of my shorts and my shoes were sopping from sweat dripping down my legs into them. Gross, eh?

One of the many large trees that had been blown down yesterday

Looks like fall rather than early July

Forcing smiles because our legs HURT! Notice the lack of sunshine--that's about to change

Yep, this is when it started feeling like we were running in a sauna.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I have lots of ideas :)

Firstly, it'd be great to see a guide (warts n all) for women considering a life on the road as a trucker seeing as you have over a decade of experience of every conceivable type.

Your travels rock! So more stories about the quirky or funny things you did on them would be great.

You're very discerning about your fashion and style and while we guys don't get it much, we lurve the eye candy part :p

This fitness stuff... you seem to have run all over the US, the UK and even Malta. When you haven't been running, you've cycled a ton too.
Speaking as someone who is unfit etc, and with the fact you're used to running on all sorts of terrains, in incredible weathers and the like. You will no doubt have suffered injuries and struggled from the humble beginnings of getting fit to where you are today. So is there insights that you have learned that could be beneficial to the not so keen to get fit (that would be me and half your readership) that would help us?

Finally Music, being and Rock Chick and Tatts, any chance you can put a sub category of all the music you post please?

Ha!! you asked! Who am I to keep my mouth shut after that?

Love the blog, love the attitude :-)