16 May 2011

Oh my, time flies

Has it really been 3 weeks since I last posted? Wow.......not that I live a terribly exciting life or anything but I do try to at least check in every so often. I haven't even replied to some blog comments and for that I do apologize. I received the email notifications but was busy and stressed and didn't move them to an appropriate folder where I'd remember to reply.  Not a very good excuse or action on my part.

So what's been up?  Storms, flooding, running, working.  Nine days straight at one point on the latter, granted they weren't all full days of driving but they were all away from home and in the truck and that's way more than what I like.  Speaking of trucks, Lola's starter problem has finally been resolved and now it's been an air conditioning issue for the past couple of weeks......however that was repaired this last weekend so good to go now.  As far as the storms go I've been extremely fortunate in no damage has been sustained by me but friends in Tuscaloosa, AL had family that was affected.  Scary, sad situation with all that.  The flooding has caused major detours on I40 through Arkansas and that always equals delays.  Quite eerie last week going east on I40 and not seeing any oncoming traffic from where the westbound side was shutdown.

This is normally nearly bumper to bumper with trucks and cars

Local media heading out to film the flooding

Approaching the White River on I40, you can see the westbound lanes are underwater 

Closeup of the flooding, note the watermarks on the eastbound lanes and the cones marking the shoulder, EB had only been opened up 3 hours prior to me coming through

Another closeup

Looks like a lake 

Amazing, and I was approximately a mile from the small river 

The obligatory Mississippi River flooding pic, this is approaching the westbound Arkansas weigh station, there's a road under that water between the trees and freeway 

Hwy 67 westbound approaching Earle, this is down quite a bit from what it was earlier in the week


helmetorheels said...

Saw this earlier today and had to come back to say nice to see you blogging again!

gabsatrucker said...

Thank you:-)))). I do enjoy writing & reading others' blogs but I've gotten so busy that I'll have an idea pop into my head but by the time I get stopped I'm usually too tired to pursue it. Also gotten to using google reader and that's not exactly conducive to commenting on others--wow that's a poor excuse, gotta stop doing that :-/