01 October 2012

Not quite a conundrum

Last week I started a new job in a local gym (the best one in my area, email if you want info! Oh and drivers, there is a hotel next door with truck parking and there's also room for a bobtail to park on the street--day rates are $5) and yesterday I finally got around to putting some of my truck gear up for sale as well as removing the 2 big truck keys I had still hanging on my key ring.  That was a big step for me in admitting I probably won't drive full time ever again, I do plan on keeping my CDL active, even went and got my 2 year DOT physical done at my own cost over the summer but that part of my life for the most part is probably over.  The pay is excellent if you get with a good company but there are so many negatives right now within the industry that I was burned out after 11 straight years of it.  I have seen much of the United States and some of Canada thanks to trucking and learned so many things and for that I'm very grateful.

That brings me to my not quite a conundrum...........what to do with my blog and twitter name--should I leave it? It is quite catchy and I'm unsure of what else to go with as of now.  I could always go the route of modifying it to Gab (was) a trucker since the gabsatrucker was a bit of a play on "gab is a trucker" in the beginning. "Gabs" was never really a nickname until the blog started gaining readers anyway.  Suggestions are welcome!

Even my alienware sports the gabsatrucker name, branded much?


elogan said...

I say keep it! Once a trucker, always a trucker? ;) Whatever you decide, you'll still be the most amazingly cool person I've ever "met" on Twitter!

gabsatrucker said...

Thank you! I do like the way you phrased that about once a trucker, always a trucker :-)

Jeff Rowell said...

Look at the potential trouble you could get into by changing it.

First there's Gabsnotatrucker and then there is the Gabsextrucker.

Perhaps TWGabby as in That's Wrong Gabby.

gabsatrucker said...

Jeff, I'm kinda leaning towards the "snot" one myself, thanks for the giggle!