28 February 2014

feeding the mutts

Who knew searching for a good quality dog food that will suit both the mutts would be such a time-consuming task.......back in the states I fed them Hills Science Diet which is a good basic food that is readily available most anywhere--a must if you are (or in my case, were) a truck driver and got caught out for longer than normal. However Elsie suffers from Schnauzer bumps (kind of like blackheads but hers develop into giant nasty cysts) that is exacerbated by cereals and grains and Ben has a sensitive stomach so I've decided to find a better quality food here in the UK.  

The only one I've tried so far is Applaws Chicken small and medium breed and I'm nearing the end of it. The problem with it is that my partner absolutely despises the smell of the food itself and  Ben has the rankest gas ever on it.  On the other hand, Elsie hasn't had a single Schnauzer bump since the changeover and her scent is just better--she has always had whatever the doggie version of BO is, poor girl. 

So I need a dog food that is as natural as possible, grain-free, and has at the very least Glucosamine Chondroitin added. I would prefer cranberry as well due to Elsie's history of urinary infections and bladder stones and because of the partner, something that doesn't have fish as the main ingredient.  Back to the research grindstone for me, any suggestions would also be very welcome.  

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