06 February 2015

Something different--Bzzagent product review

Cute tape on the box

Recently I signed up with BzzAgent (shouldn't be an affiliate link) because I like trying new things and if I can do so for free so much the better.  Oh, the possibility of earning Tesco clubcard points probably played a factor in that as well. Remarkably the site doesn't spam you with an over-abundance of email, it's almost the opposite, I've found I needed to check the site periodically in order to find the surveys in order to be considered for a campaign (the free stuff!).  After a short while of stalking for new surveys I was finally invited to a campaign--the Air Wick Life Scents.


First impressions about the Life Scents:  I'm not terribly impressed with the plug-in sort of air fresheners, I used to be all about the B&BW wallflowers but that was before becoming more concerned about the recyclability of the products and of course I was spoiled to the cheap prices of US electric rates.  Next, these scents are STRONG!  It's almost not necessary to plug them in at all, I found even on the minimum setting that after a few minutes in the entryway area it was almost overwhelming--which is sort of convenient because I can then switch off the outlet they are plugged into and still reap the benefits of the air scenting/freshening.

What I do like is that you can mix and match scents and it's not a constant single note.  I do not tend to go for floral fragrances unless it's the real thing (mmmm, hyacinths) so even though I received a packet that has white flowers as a note it is offset with the melon and vanilla.  Will I purchase refills? That's iffy, if I do it won't be to use in the plug in unit but more as a mini diffuser without the reeds, it's certainly reduced the reek emanating from the cabinet containing all my running trainers.

Disclosure: I received this product for free from BzzAgent, the above link for them doesn't garner me any affiliate compensation but if you do want to sign up and use me as a referral, I use gabbyh as my username and the gabsatruckerATgmailDOTcom email.

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