21 February 2010

another day, another week

I now haven't ran in 12 very long days.......ankle swelling is going down. Some days the knuckle is even close to the same size as the other :-). Just depends on how long I've been driving or on my feet that particular day.  Today also marks the 4th Grand Prix race of the year that I'm missing, sigh........

Trucking news--mostly uneventful, although this past week left me feeling a bit trapped but that's due to not being able to break up days with a nice little run. Yeah, it all goes back to that, lol.  Monday morning, I woke up to ice at the plant in Pulaski, TN. It had been raining on Sunday so when the cold front moved through with the snow it basically acted like a flash freeze area kinda like what you'd have in a food processing facility.  Always fun to wake up to find your truck's tires are frozen to the ground!

Here's what Lola the truck looked like

This little storm also created some icy conditions out on I65 again, thankfully my side was moving ok albeit slowly. Not so for the northbound side because they had the downhill section, vehicles were sliding everywhere. 

Elsie & I went for our usual Monday morning hike up the water tower hill (no running, I promise!) and the next morning we went for another walk in Louisiana that she needed desperately. The dog needs a run almost as bad as I do, geez she's hyper.

Oh, one interesting thing, I did have a guy at the Gadsden plant try to give me his phone number!!!! Kinda nice little ego boost considering he was cute & approximately 10 years younger than me. Speaking of age, today would be my 41st birthday, not near as excited about it as I was the 4-0. Prolly because of being injured :-(. Eh, just another day this year, lol.

The rest of the week I had very nice weather, several times when walking Elsie we'd just find an area for me to sit while she rolled around in the grass. I am so ready for spring to get here and yes, I'm sure everybody else is too.

Tuesday night brought some major lighting issues with the trailer I was supposed to pick up so ended up having to spend the night in Laredo to wait for the shop to open up the next morning. First time I've had to do that in a couple of months I think.

Workouts are kinda eh although I did get 35 pushups consecutively on my last 100 pushup schedule test and I even sandbagged a bit so I wouldn't have a super hard week coming up. Yeah, I should be ashamed (not!).  I also was able to do two 2 minute planks, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adding a bit to this post, forgot about this until showing James my pictures for the week--here's why you shouldn't do u-turns in a big truck unless you're absolutely sure you have enough room.

Zoom in on this pic and you can see this guy's rear tandems are completely up in the air.

So yeah, that's it, that was my week.  Are y'all still awake? LOL!


Eric said...

Congrats on having a guy trying to give ya his phone number Gabby! If i was a young guy and you showed up at my loading dock i would have tried giving you my number too! lol but since i'm really just a worn out old dude i won't cause that just sounds creepy :(

Nice pic of frosty Lola :)

re: the u-turn, i don't get it? why would a driver let it go so far without just stopping first? it made me wonder if they might have forgot to set the brakes on the truck, never chocked da wheels & it just rolled out there?

douginvt said...

Sorry to hear you are injured. When I saw an empty week on your buckeye log, I knew something was up. That's just not right. Hope you are out on the road again soon...errr, running that is. lol

gabsatrucker said...

This guy was most definitely trying to make a u-turn there. See it all the time unfortunately

Hi Doug!!
Started back running this week. Seems like I've had one injury after another since last fall :-(.