06 March 2010

Nagged back

Evidently if you nag at somebody to update their blog already, they then feel it's only fair to nag you back, grrr.  So yeah, what's going on with my life? Still fighting the blues, James & I are going thru a bit of a rough spell, and I'm turning into an uber-grouch.......

On the bright side, I have started back running this past week!!!!! For my first run back I was only supposed to do a couple of mile but ended up running 4......It felt so good that I just couldn't make myself cut it short and the next morning when I woke up with aching legs at first I was kind of confused but then it was like oh yeah, you RAN yesterday! Left me with a huge grin for the rest of the day.  Needless to say my next run on Thursday wasn't near as speedy, actually more of a run/walk but it was with James & Elsie so it all worked out for the best.

Need to back up a bit, forgot I missed a week. I was SICK the previous week. Started out with a headache that just wouldn't go away on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday (2/25) the headache escalated and I started feeling very off balance, my sinuses were killing me, and my joints were achy. By that night I was full-on ill. Never had a fever but man oh man was I feeling awful. Thursday I was still driving home and oh, did the trip ever seem endless.

My sense of balance was so far off that at one point I bent down in the hall to pick up one of Elsie's toys and on the way back up managed to ram my head into the door jamb of our home office HARD. Everything went gray for a few moments and I ended up with a huge welt on my right temple along with some nasty bruising, ouch.....

Work was ok, although I had a helluva time backing up the truck on Monday due to still feeling weak & a bit off-balance. Took me 3 tries to setup for Gadsden before I got the trailer backed in. It's where I had the bumper incident back in the fall so I'm still a bit leery backing in there anyway.  No snow for me but James told me after I got out of Alabama one of his friends called and said it was snowing hard in Birmingham. Whew, glad to have missed that.

Had a weird stalker thing Thursday on the way home, I had passed a guy in another big truck in between Prescott and Gurdon, AR and had him say something to me on the cb. I wasn't comfortable with what he was saying or how he said it so never replied. Didn't think a whole lot about it until I was stopped at Gurdon to walk Elsie & get lunch when he pulls into the parking lot behind me. Again, no big deal, there are a limited number of places to stop if you're in a big truck but I did note it after the cb incident.  After taking care of what I needed to I came back out to find this note on my driver's side window

I covered up his phone number, but this seriously freaked me out......Honestly you just shouldn't do this guys.  The man never approached me or anything else, just sat over in his truck staring........anyways called James immediately to tell him what was up (which led to a fight later, but that's another story altogether) and hid in my sleeper to eat my lunch hoping the guy would leave first (he didn't) and posted about what was occurring on Twitter. I wanted to have some kind of record if he followed me again or did anything else. It all sounds relatively harmless writing about it but trust me, I was getting serious bad vibes from the moment he tried talking to me on the cb.

Anyway, I'll post some other stuff later. James is wanting to go for a run & giving me the hurry up talk.


The Wondering Brit said...

Well, your gut is yer gut - and it's a fool who doesn't follow it.

Note on cabs from people you've never met are just wrong - unless of course you're being offensive! This a good thing :o)

gabsatrucker said...

Yeah, I do try and listen to the inner voice (well, that particular one anyway,lol) and I do think it's what has kept me safe over the years driving solo.