14 March 2010

I'm baaaaaack!!!!!!

Yeah, first race of the year is done!!!!!!! The Chase Race 2 Mile Grand Prix race and the 1 mile pet race.  Considering that this is my second week back to running and the fact that the ex and I were up over half the night prior arguing, I'm quite pleased with how well I did.  Last year I ran it in 15:11, this year was 15:20. Not going to complain about that, lol. 

I do love this race, lots of people, excellent goody bags full of pet stuff, great entertainment, awesome cause. It's just a lot of fun even though it was cooooold yesterday.

Oh, to celebrate my first race back and the upcoming St. Paddy's Day, I wore a lime green tutu to race in. Let me tell you if you want cheering specifically towards you--wear a tutu!!! I think it would even work for the guys. Heck, it may work even better if you're a guy, lol......

Elsie wore a tutu also! We had so many little girls coming up to us wanting to pet on her and tell her how cute the skirt was, such fun!  One little girl carried on quite a conversation telling her she was pretty and pink was her favorite color, awwww.

Finish line is in sight! I'm smiling because it felt so good to be back in the game but I was hurting too (not the ankle though)

Back of the skirt at the finish line

Carol and I lining up for the 1 mile pet race

Elsie and I approaching the finish line, she's all excited about it until 2 feet before the mats and she put on the brakes, I had to pick her up and carry her over them. The crowd got a kick out of that, lol!!

Debbie & Louie with Elsie & me waiting for the pet awards (Debbie also won a grandmaster's award yesterday, yay!!!!)

Ok, race recap. It was COLD!  My shoulder started aching about 1/3 of the way in which means I'm back to tensing up my upper body, grrr. Overall felt good so that means I probably could have pushed it a bit harder but then again I did have to slow down the pace a bit right before the 1 mile point. The garmin reflects that--mile 1 was at 7:32 pace, mile 2 was 7:43.  Definitely shows that I'm out of race form & have had no speed work since last year.

Final stats
15:20.4 chip time (15:23 gun time)
13/157 female placement
97/304 overall
1/23 40-44 female age group

The pet race! It's so much fun but after the 2 mile race my legs were trashed. about 1/2 to the turnaround point, Debbie looked at me & said "I think we should have the turnaround right here" LOL!! Can't say I didn't disagree.  This year I managed to get closer to the front and avoided most of the leash entanglements & runaway dogs, whew!

Time 8:00.73
10/117 overall
3/83 female

Here's our bling for the day

Ego boost for the day. while in the bathroom I was discussing my recent injury with a friend and fellow Cabot Cruiser when another lady came out from one of the stalls. She said her and a friend were discussing who all was there in their age group when my name came up but they decided they had a shot at placing because it was my first race back from the sprained ankle :-). Yep, nothing like a bit of friendly competition pre-race to get you fired up, lol!