21 March 2010

going to new heights

So how does one cap off a 30ish mile hilly ride? Well I decided to try out the rock climbing wall that they had set up in order to face my fear of heights :-). Not that the wall was extremely high but hey, a phobia doesn't necessarily make sense, lol.

Getting into the harness ;-)

Getting started

Almost to the top! What I haven't told you is that this is the easiest side of the wall!!!!!

Getting unsnapped after the easy side

Attempting the 2nd easiest side of the wall. Got stuck about 1/2 up, bummer!!!


Eric said...

Gabby, why does it seem like you have all the fun? :)

gabsatrucker said...

Cause I go out and try to have fun! Just like you do :-)

Lisa said...

I heart climbing walls. Looks like a good time!

gabsatrucker said...

This was my first time! I got a kick out of it & plan on trying it some more :-).