06 March 2010

weird dream

Very early this morning I woke up after having a bad dream. Really was nothing major and I have no clue what brought it on but I dreamt that I was hauling a load to a Pier 1 store. Get there to the strip mall before shopping hours then spend way too much time trying to find somebody that could unload it only to be told "I'm sorry, I know you only have 9 pieces on, but we have no room for it. We can't accept the shipment."  By this time, all the stores have opened up and I'm completely blocked in. Can't back up, spin around, go forward, nothing............ Now this may not seem like much of a nightmare to most people but until you have had it happen while you're in a big truck then you do know just how nightmarish it is, lol. I literally woke up tossing, turning and in a sweat. Hoping this is not a premonition of things to come :-(


doomytunes said...

I had a nightmare that I got lost in the middle of Chicago. Then it came true. If the dream was real and you were really blocked in, it would be a good excuse to say the heck with it and go shopping. We deliver to a sporting goods chain that likes to put many obstacles near the docks, like $50,000 boats, weird animal displays etc.

gabsatrucker said...

Yeah, been lost in Chicago a time or two. If this had been for Big Lots stores then I would have considered it a flashback, lol. Do like you solution though ;-)