20 March 2010

traffic, traffic, and more traffic

Some weeks are relatively smooth sailing traffic wise, other weeks, well..........are not. This past week, Wednesday in particular was a bit on the hellacious side.  Spring break plus SXSW plus St. Patricks' Day makes for a very long trucking commute on the I35 corridor in Texas.  I do love Texas but this interstate can be very trying on the nerves.

First backup--Road construction on the north side of San Antonio, they narrowed I35 down to ONE lane right at Rittiman Road. There is no good way around this unless you take the 410 loop around to the west side which is waaaaay long on the mileage, grrr. Spent over 2 hours to go 5 miles. Yep, that was fun!

2 SUV's that spun out and slid into each other while trying to illegally enter the freeway in San Antonio during the traffic jam. How do you explain that to your insurance company?

At least I had pretty skies Wednesday unlike Tuesday when I faced backups going thru Houston.


Trailer load full of empty beer bottles

Loop 1604 around San Antonio, bit long on the mileage but kept me out of traffic :)

Anyways, I faced several more backups on Wednesday and that combined with a shopping trip at New Braunfels plus a trailer lighting issue kept me away from home until Thursday afternoon.  No big deal because I don't have to be in Tennessee until Monday morning.

Oh the trailer lighting issue--the trailer I picked up out of Laredo this week has a short in it somewhere and at night when all the lights were on it was causing the system to overload and whenever I would turn or veer right all the lights would start blinking or go off altogether.  Might as well have had a huge sign on my truck saying "GIVE ME A TICKET", grrr.

Another thing that we truckdrivers occasionally run into is the occasional flasher/masturbator.......Fortunately it rarely happens or I'm just not paying as close attention to what's going on in the vehicle next to me as others.  I did however have one of the weenie-waggers in Austin Wednesday in broad daylight that was doing his business on the lower-level of I35 northbound. Full-on masturbating, ewwww. People, we can see inside your car or pickup, please, please, don't do that!!!!!!!!!


Eric said...

eww,.. when i saw yer tweet about a "weenie-wagger" i could only guess what you might have been referring to,...now i know. dam pervs, i probably woulda wanted to throw something at his window,..like a rock!

other than that,..sounds like you had an interesting day Gabby.

gabsatrucker said...

E, I really, really, really wanted to throw something at his window too!