14 March 2010

Ruby's Cafe & Bakery

If you live in the Salado, Jarrell, Austin area or are even driving through Jarrell on I35, you need to stop here and eat!!!!!!!  It's kind of hidden, very little advertisement but oh the food and the people. James and I have stopped here twice ordering different things each time and we have not been disappointed yet.

Excuse the bad pictures, they were taken with my phone, but these are the two meals I've had at Ruby's Cafe so far. The top pic is of a grilled & crusted tilapia, the bottom picture is the everything burger. Both were DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! James has had the cranberry walnut salad and I think some kind of grilled fish too. Sorry I was too engrossed in my meals to pay much attention to his, lol.

It's all cooked from scratch, so it can take a while but it is oh so worth it. Everybody that works there is a family member or friend and we even had a nice chat with the lady who owns it (and is also the cook!). All the pictures on the wall are family photos, even the decor is family heirlooms, most from the namesake of the restaurant, the owner's grandmother. My only complaint is the plastic cutlery and foam cups rather than "real" ones but I also understand that having an industrial type dishwasher takes space and money so I'm more than willing to overlook that because of how awesomely good the food is.

So, in Jarrell, if you're a truckdriver, skip the D*nny's at the Flying hook and walk over to Ruby's instead. It's gonna take the same amount of time but the food is soooooooo much better :-). It's in the strip mall across the street, kind of hidden so you might not realize it's there and open. It's also in the area across from the mexican food restaurant with all the signs.

Ruby's Cafe & Bakery, 305 Limestone Terrace, Jarrell, TX. 4 very enthusiastic thumbs up from James and me.


Lisa said...

We are always on the lookout for hidden gems, especially locally owned joints! Who needs chain restaurants when you can get a momma to cook for you? Thanks for this one, I don't know when we'll be by that way again but I'll try to remember it.

gabsatrucker said...

You're welcome! Please do try and check out Ruby's. I'm very impressed with the restaurant.