23 March 2010


I should be sleeping right now because this load of parts has turned hot but wanted to get this out before I forgot.....Today, 8 days before April, northern Alabama was getting snow. It wasn't sticking in the lower elevations but oh man was it coming down. 

This picture in no way does the day justice because the snow had eased up by the time I was walking into the fuel stop for my shower but you can somewhat see the snow flakes.

The plant at Pulaski got me out a little earlier than normal so I took advantage of that to stop at the Love's fuel stop in Falkville, AL to get in as I put it on twitter "a quick & dirty 3 miles". I usually stop here to grab a shower but had been eyeballing the streets around the fuel stop thinking it would be a great place to run and was I ever correct!!!! Beautiful little area, managed to get to the downtown area quite easily to check it out and what traffic there was gave me plenty of room.

The best thing though was the snow!!!! Yeah, the snow I was grumbling about inside the cab of my truck became just utterly magical and beautiful once I was out running in it. Big, fat, fluffy snow flakes coming down so thickly it was like being in a snow globe. Sigh............It was one of the best runs I've ever experienced. I'm sure if it had been actually sticking to the ground it wouldn't have been near as much fun but my oh my today was almost perfect. 

So yeah it was a quick run (3.13 miles in 26:54) but no way was it dirty *huge grin*


Eric said...

Sounds like you always make the best of things Gabby :)

Eric said...

oh yeah, what does it mean when a load has turned hot?

britter said...

Snow in Alabama?? This year keeps getting stranger (in all ways). We have created a Twitter account where truckers can send and receive weather/traffic updates from the road, updates like "snow in Alabama." If you are on Twitter check us out, we'd love to hear from you! www.twitter.com/adslogistics

gabsatrucker said...

When a load turns hot it means the customer wants it there asap. Fortunately with my schedule I was still able to get it there legally with the time that they wanted it just meant that I had to eat my meals on the go & Elsie had to hurry up when doing her business :).

Thanks for checking out my blog, I'll be sure & check y'all out on twitter.