28 March 2010

new ink

quick update here....Thursday I finally went down to 7th Street Tattoos to get the 4 leaf clover on my tummy reworked (approx. 12 years old) and had a bit more added around it :-). 

bad lighting & was taken with my phone, once it's all healed up, I'll add another picture. But yeah, finally added a 26.2 to the collection.  While there I also had my nose re-pierced :-). Seemed to hurt & bleed much less than it did the first time thankfully.  Oh, the new ink was done by Brandon, who did a very nice job with the design and inking. I'd just forgotten how darn much getting tattooed hurt, lol.


Anonymous said...

Gabs got a Tat! (and always did)

gabsatrucker said...

LOL!!!!!!!! well not always....