02 April 2010

spring in the step

Am I starting to detect a slight lifting in the mood? Perhaps so.......I'm still disappointed in James for his recent reactions/behavior but I'm not overwhelmingly angry like I was. Even so, can't say I'm happy either.  

hmm, what was interesting about this work week?  First off the parts load turned "hot" again, grrr. And I keep expecting them to add a 3rd pickup onto the load since the trailer has only been 1/2-3/4 way full lately.  While I can still legally get it to Laredo on time by the time they want it, it doesn't leave much lee-way for any measurable delays. I'm usually getting the load actually dropped by 1930 when they want it by 2000 but that's after spending 45-90 minutes waiting in lines at our yard, traffic, & waiting in line again at Penske. So yeah, if they want it there earlier, they need to find a way to expedite the queue delays!!!  Also, I10 across Louisiana & Texas is very well known for their DOT checks so I'm NOT pushing my logbook for this. The company won't pay any fine related to that so no way in hell am I risking my license & pocketbook.  As it was this week found me having to use the very limited split sleeper birth option.  Oh, to admit some naughtiness--my 2 hour sleep time in the middle of the day was spent getting a run & lunch in. No way could I sleep & wasn't going to sit there twiddling my thumbs & staring at the sleeper walls.  Stupid HOS regulations allow extremely little flexibility now.

Hwy 78 found a bit of a delay for me on the way to Gadsden, a Swift driver was having mechanical problems on a very hilly stretch (lol, what isn't hilly on that section!) with narrow lanes & no way to pass. He was down to 5 mph going up the hills & 35mph on the downside. That is a nightmare of mine, the thought of being in that driver's position.  Some stupid ass going the other direction was very rude about the Swift truck when telling somebody else about what was going on. I got on the cb & told him there was absolutely no need in being rude like that when somebody was having truck trouble. Either he's just a jackass in all aspects of his life or he hasn't been driving long enough to have found himself in that position.  And if you drive a truck long enough, it WILL happen at some point.  Anyways after Swift found a place to pull over he thanked me for being patient & sticking up for him. No need for thanks, it's just the way we all should act but it was nice being acknowledged :-).

Speaking of truck trouble, Lola is visiting the International dealer this weekend to see if the rough idling/intermittent smoking/warn engine/air loss problem can be isolated. I tweeted yesterday that she was going in to have her smoking addiction cured, lol!  The apu also needs to be worked on again, last week there was no cold air blowing when the ac was on, this week there was no heat & no cold ac.......Of course last weekend they just charged the freon (understandably doing the simplest thing first so not whinging). Think the water valve prolly needs replacing on the unit. 

Border Patrol big truck? And warm weather is here, VERY buggy windshield, yuck!

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