02 April 2010

spring in the step II

Other post was getting long so splitting it up.

Running is, well, it's going but it just seems like I'm not getting my speed/mileage/endurance built back up quite as rapidly as I would like. However the cycling seems to be going extremely well. The turbo trainer is a horribly hellacious tool but OMG it does work if you have the tension cranked up on the rear wheel like I do. Basically it feels like I'm climbing a hill or in the big gear mashing for the entire trainer session. So while it looks like my trainer times are very slow it's not taking into account the amount of effort being put forth. As a result once I get outside, I'm kicking some ass & feeling like I'm not putting out hardly any effort, YAY!!

Workouts from this week

Sunday--8.24 mile run in 1:25:06. Some walk breaks due to stomach issues (again!).  First 5ish miles were with James & Elsie. Splits 10:04, 11:38, 10:50, 11:03, 10:20, 10:05, 9:30, 9:20, 2:10 (.24 mile, 9:03 pace).  Windy & warm.

Monday--1 mile walk/hike up the water tower hill road with James & Elsie

Tuesday--Lunchtime run at Brookshire, TX. Parked at the Flying J & explored the town on the north side. Excellent place to run, lots of tree-covered streets & people were very friendly.  4.31 miles in 39:13. stomach issues yet again, sigh, had to walk .25 of a mile........Hot & windy. Splits 8:58, 8:46, 9:46, 8:56, 2:44 (.31 miles, 8:47 pace). Bet you can't tell where I had to walk, lol!!

Wednesday--early morning hilly run in Cotulla, TX. did the frontage road loop twice + into town for a bit. 5.31 miles in 49:53. Very pretty morning but windy, even downhill sections didn't feel like I could get any speed.  stomach issues AGAIN!!!!!! grrr, gotta figure out what's causing it this time around.  Splits 9:29, 9:49, 9:40, 9:11, 8:58, 2:43 (.31 miles, 8:54 pace). Times do include a couple of walk breaks

Thursday--afternoon bicycle ride, 16.35 miles in 1:01:54. did the bike trail/airport loop. Felt great, was keeping a 18-20 mph average until I hit the section of trail that wasn't tree covered then the wind kicked in. Was getting knocked sideways quite a bit by the wind. Struggled to keep 12-13 mph in the headwinds on Queensway & frontage road. The hill I had trouble with last year, not so much yesterday *huge grin*. Stayed in the big ring up front, about 1/2 in the cassette in the back ring.  Buffy & I had a very good workout!!!

Picked up a flyer in Italy, TX for this event

I sent in my registration for the Tupelo 14.2 miler Labor Day weekend and also have registered for the Iron Mountain Duathlon on April 25th.  The Capitol City Classic is tomorrow & the Hogeye 1/2 marathon is 4/11. I'm completely unprepared for either, grrrr.

Ankle update--still a bit "weak" especially near the end of my work week. All that sitting & pushing the gas pedal is not doing it much good but it's still improving. Every week I do a high heel walk test & it's a bit easier each time :-). Running is ok for it though. My plantar fasciitis has made a return however, KHHHAAAANNNN!!!!!!!! Back to icing & the fitflops instead of barefoot in the house :-(. 

Warning: nonpaid product endorsement......I love, love, love KT Tape!!!!!! This stuff rocks and it comes in my favorite color--pink!  I've been using it for the sprained right ankle but had James wrap my left foot for the plantar fasciitis last Sunday, OMG it's like a major sole-saver :-))))). Umm, KT Tape people, wanna endorse a middle of the pack runner who's a truck driver? ;-).

If you haven't checked out Runnrgrrl's blog, do so immediately!!!!!!! Warning, not for the weak of heart or easily offended..........she's incredibly hawt, fast, intelligent, opinionated, amusing, not afraid to say what she thinks, all-around rock star! 

I just wanna wish a very Happy Birthday to The Wondering Brit, who's gonna grumble at me yet again (so what else is new or different, LOL). 

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