24 April 2010

Spring Fling 5k 2010

Spring Fling 5k.....where to start.....To begin with thought we were gonna have to race in a deluge. Horrible

thunderstorms were rolling through and it was a bit of an adventure even getting to Cabot this morning. It was so bad that we were losing sight of the road, wind was knocking the pickup about and we even came upon where a water rescue was in progress. Somebody had hydroplaned and slid off into the median right where there was a creek crossing. Hoping everybody came out of it ok.

Then a great thing happened...the rain & wind stopped and the skies turned blue. Stayed that way until the awards ceremony was started :-). Hugged friends, warmed up, lined up, discussed our goals for the 5k. By the way, I had absolutely no goal today except to not be puking up last night's fried food gluttony, lol....Seriously, it's been so long since I raced a 5k I wasn't sure where I was gonna be as far as time. Best case scenario, I was hoping to be in the 25ish minute range.

I didn't start way in the back this time however. Positioned myself much closer to the front because it was only a chip timed race at the end, no starting mat.....Race start and there was almost a snafu. A teenage girl had dropped something & was coming back at the racers then bent down to pick it up right in front of me, Alea, & Becky. Thought we(or someone else) was going to trip over her, yikes!!!

Started off too fast as per my habit--sigh, gotta get over the jackrabbiting, negative splits are the goal--but I still felt great at mile 1. I was working hard but not struggling. did find myself tensing up my shoulders but as soon as I realized it, I would immediately relax and the breathing would ease. Kinda found myself in an unusual situation though, after the first 1.5 there were no other women visible in front of me--the course twists & turns a bit--just guys!!!!! Came around to where the course met back up with the racers & didn't see James so I knew he was doing ok (his first ever 5k by the way!!).

So mile 2 comes around, and I count up and figure if I do a 10 minute mile from that point I would have my 25ish minute race so knew I was in good shape time-wise. Again, not seeing any women in front of me, just the mid-pack guys, 3-4 of them that I managed to pass even :-). Working hard still but not gasping for air, although I was so warm I was considering taking the shirt off to cool down--humidity was tough!

This race ends on a track and I kinda have a love-hate with those. It seems almost torturous to see the finish line to the side but know that you have to make almost a full lap around to get to it, lol!!!! Anyways, one of the guys who I passed earlier, sprinted hard and finished a few seconds ahead of me at this point. He's a nice guy & it's a race so no grumbling here. Just gives me incentive to work harder next time :-).

Split times
Mile 1 7;37
Mile 2 7:56
Mile 3 7:52
Mile 3.1 6:52 pace

Chip time 24:04, not a 5k personal record, but it was a course pr by 59 seconds :-).

Ended up 55th overall (male & female) and I think 9th place female, which netted me 2nd place female masters!!! Feel like there's some glimmer of regaining speed. Now if the aches & pains would go away altogether I'd be happy. they are getting better though, just sloooooowly.

Next up, the Iron Mountain sprint duathlon for tomorrow morning. Hills!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice one Gabby....I couldn't do that. (Even in nasty weather conditions)

So well done you.


gabsatrucker said...

Thanks Cozmic!!! I was pleased with the time considering my injuries/layoff/lack of racing :)