17 April 2010

Hill and dale

I'm completely & utterly toast today. Last time I had a ride this hard it was the BDB 100.......Just couldn't seem to get my cycling mojo going, probably would have absolutely nothing to do with last weekend's hillfest, LOL!!!  Anyways today I was the last or next to last rider for the entire ride.  Started off bad, I fell back to let a couple of guys into the pace line after we hit the area where single line was required, fell off the wheel and could never get caught back up.  Even when we would stop for a rest period, I was so toasted that I could keep up for maybe .5 mile to a mile but would fall right back out of line. Sigh........

Did I mention this was another hilly mofo? Yeah, gotta love it, well maybe not, lol.....Honestly there were tears streaming down my face at a couple of different points. Left foot started cramping around mile 8 then the right leg started in at around 20 miles.  I wanted to stop and call James to come get me several times but managed to grit my teeth and resist the almost overwhelming temptation to do so.  If it hadn't been for Mikel H. staying back with me and encouraging me I wouldn't have resisted though. 

Today's route took us out Hwy 36 west to Joy where we grabbed hwy 310, then we made a couple of other zigzags but I can't tell you what they were.  Mikel had a mountain dew bottle thrown at him, the same vehicle then rode right against me almost forcing me off the road.......so what exactly did that accomplish other than some jackass finding it funny? 

Today's total ended up being 50.39 in around 3 hours 15 minutes. A couple of high points (haha, pun intended!), some of the extreme climbs resulted in extreme downhills so hit some nice speeds on the bicycle. 39.5 mph on one, then 44.8 mph on the other, woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!  Of course if you hit gravel or an animal and go down at those speeds that's gonna hurt, lol!!!!!!!!!  I still didn't have a good time though :-(, this was a survive it type of ride, yuck.

Workout totals for the week so far
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5.17 miles in 50:21 (easy recovery run from Sunday's 1/2 marathon)
Wednesday:  3.15 miles in 27:06 in the morning, then 3.01 miles in 30:03 in the afternoon with James (80F at Waco, TX)
Thursday: 7.52 miles on the trainer in 30 minutes
Friday: 4.93 miles in 50:23 just before dark with James & Elsie (this is another reason why I was so tired today)
Saturday: 50.39 cycling miles. Hilly, hilly, hilly, blech.

Forgot to mention that I also lost my pink & black camelback waterbottle when I hit a bump so hard it bounced out of the cage where I didn't have it seated properly.  The only good part of this morning was breakfast afterwards with my friend Alyson at IHOP.  Blueberry pancakes & veggie omelet were practically inhaled.

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