03 April 2010

2nd race of the year

The Capitol City Classic 10k.......I ran the race to the best of my ability today so why the hell do I feel so let down? Made a tactical error, is why :-(.  Because this is the 5th week back of running for me and I wasn't sure how I would hold up on a 10k race I decided to start near the back of just over 500 racers on a non-chip timed race.  Yeah, brilliant move and it would have been ok if I wasn't so damn competitive. 

I knew there was no way I would touch last year's time of 51:50. 2009 up until November was an absolutely great year as far as my training and how I felt so it's gonna be hard to top that again.  Last year was also great weather, a little cooler and not near as windy or humid. This year has just sucked--it seems like it's been one injury after another. The major sprain of the right foot near the end of January plus the stupid plantar fasciitis has returned with a vengeance on the left foot.

So yes, starting closer to the back did keep me from jackrabbiting as bad as I normally do.

Me joking around that they better get a picture now 'cause I wasn't gonna look so good at the finish line.

First mile was 8:17, a bit fast but livable.
2nd mile 8:26 closer to what I should be
3rd mile 8:33 still slowing but ok
4th mile 8:38 starting to fatigue & the nigglings of stomach cramps
5th mile 8:38 yeah, stomach is starting to go south, cramping more
6th mile 8:34 I think I'm gonna puke
6-6.2 (or .27 because I started so far back) 2:12 I'm dying. which is what you should be doing at the end if you've pushed hard. Came upon James & Steve and was asked "is that the best you can do?". my reply "it's all I got"

Don't let the smile fool you. I'm about to throw up, the grimace is 'cause I was being yelled at by somebody with a camera

James literally thought I was gonna pass out at the finish line I was so pale (underneath the red!). So yes, this 10k got all I had for now. I am not disappointed in my performance at all, just in my decision to start where I did.

So why the grumbling? I placed 7th in my age group. If I had started a bit closer to the front I might, just might have placed a bit further up. Now isn't that the stupidest thing ever to be disappointed about when I ran this to the best of my ability today.  Honestly, it's the 5th week back and I'm being a whiny little bitch about placing 7th in the age group, grrrr. It's my own fault for starting where I did.  I knew it was a non-chip timed race & that would count against me. I even had several friends question me about it so really, nobody's to blame but myself. Too damn competitive by far for this early in my return. 

However despite my continuing anxiety about getting my speed/mileage/endurance built back up, this is a fairly decent result. A nice little test, so to speak.

Final numbers
53:17 (my garmin)/53:22 their time
45/256 Female
212/543 Overall
7/45 female 40-44 age group

Another grumble here (and a collective groan goes out). My garmin showed 53:17. I started it immediately instead of waiting for the actual start point. The clock at the finish line read 53:17.  My official time is the time it took to walk through the finish line chute to turn in my teartag behind all the other people turning in their teartags!!!!!!!!  And they admitted there was a problem with the results--timing, order, etc. GRRRRR.

Since I needed to get 10 miles in this week for my long run I decided to get it done today. Grand total of 10.94 miles! Shoot, this has been my longest run since..........looking it up now, lol............did a 10.02 miler January 7th......this is my longest run since the marathon at Wynne November 7 of last year.  So can I survive the Hogeye 1/2 on 4/11?


Stuart said...

All things considers it soudns like you did a brilliant job, we're all hard on ourselves that's what pushes us forward!

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Hey Gabby, I herd this show on NPR and you came to mind. It was about how far the body and mind can be pushed. The title of the episode was called "Limits". I think you would like it!

I hope that link works.

The first story, it was about a lady who competed in the triathlon in 1982 Olympics.

The show is called Radio Lab, have you ever caught that show?
I hope all your axles and bearings and feet get healed up soon!



Aaron The Truck Driver said...

And a video to go with it. Click my name.

gabsatrucker said...

Stuart, Thanks! and you're absolutely correct that we're all more hard on ourselves than others are.

Checking out the link today, thanks! Think my axles & bearing are getting back to normal, FINALLY.