15 February 2011

A New Adventure

I hate February......always have. It's a cold dreary month that seems to drag on forever much longer than it's 28 (or 29) days.  And it just happens to be my birthday month.  This year I decided to treat myself to an out of state half marathon, go somewhere, make a week of it, explore a little.  However when I did a web search for end of February races, this little gem popped up, the Malta Marathon.  Yes, Malta, the island in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Italy.  Might as well start my passport stamps off in style, right?  A bit of (ok a lot of!) debating with myself and a bit of research and one very maxed out credit card and yes I really am taking a solo international trip to run my very first international race. 

Satellite image borrowed from Wikipedia 

I haven't told many people because quite frankly most are freaked out by the thought of me making this trip alone.  However, this is a safe place to go and one of its main languages is English (the other being Maltese of course).  Have I mentioned my credit card is maxed out, lol.  I will be spending a very limited amount of time in London before flying over to Malta so if anyone is interested in meeting for a coffee let me know and we'll see what can be arranged.  Also if there are any must-sees please leave me a comment :-))).  Oh and any advice about what to take would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!  And traveling advice too please, I haven't flown in 24 (25?) years, wow.


Anonymous said...

good luck and stay safe - it's going crazy out there. hope you have a wonderful race. miss ya


terri said...

Wow, that's been a long time since you've flown!! Most people say to put everything in the suitcase that you want to take. Then take half of it out. That's usually good advice, since I find I always way overpack.

When at the airport, try to not get in the security line that has lots of families with kids. It will not move right along.

Will you be able to see TWBRIT?

gabsatrucker said...

Alyson, thanks and I will do my best to stay safe. Miss y'all too.

Terri, thanks for the great advice, that's what I will be doing later today, lol. No, it's not likely that TWB will be at the meetup that I'm trying to get scheduled

The Wondering Brit said...

Terri, Oh for the love of all things holy - NO!!! lol

Isn't there like a direct flight to Malta from NYC?!
In all seriousness, no I won't be in a position to see Gabby, her visit is short, much to see before heading out again.
So Gabby, do have a great time, do run well and don't come around here :o) lol

Have a good one