30 March 2011

Silent is my tweet

Sigh...........still having issues with my twitter account at the moment, I am currently unable to follow or approve anyone to follow me as of yet.  A quick perusal of the help section revealed that I'm not the only one with this issue, just waiting on the engineers to find a workaround.  While I'm frustrated and going through withdrawals I do have to give Twitter a huge thumbs up for the quick reactivation of my account.

In other news after 5 successful restarts of Lola, she decided to misbehave again.....yep, twice under the hood to get her restarted last night and at lunchtime this morning.  Ok, that's about all I have to say other than this is giving me serious motivation to pursue other means of earning filthy lucre.  Lol, I'm sure buying the Texas Lotto ticket is NOT a very viable option but it would be nice.

Workout stuff.......ran 4.14 miles in 36:27 on my favorite dirt road this morning and even stopped to take a picture of the cows who ran with me because they thought I was bringing food

Music stuff....Seether has a new song out that I'm loving, here's a live version vid.  Enjoy!!


Russian Bear said...

I was wondering what happened to you! - bear

gabsatrucker said...

Yeah, it's more than kinda frustrating being cut off this way, although it's nice to find out that I'm a little bit missed :-)


Kelownagurl said...

Oh good, I was worried. Get back online ASAP. :)

MacDaddy said...

Great Seether Song.

Here is a couple that I have grown to like lately:

Bleu Edmonson



Wade Bowen (bad video...great song)


Keep posting your favorites!

gabsatrucker said...

KG, I have never felt so cut off from the world as I did last weekend, silly huh?

MacDaddy, THANK YOU for the links!!! Love finding new music :-)))