27 March 2011

twitter issues and various pics

I'm having twitter account issues at the moment but hopefully the very kind folks there will have my account back and going sometime this week......I'm having withdrawals, lol.  If not then I will set up a new account and see about finding and refollowing all 900 plus of my friends (yikes!).

My $10 jacket I scored from Dillard's

My new 5" heels, still a bit shocked I can walk in them :)

Can-Am Spyder sitting in front of my favorite Whataburger in Laredo

Had some stranger take a pic of me in London (see I really was there!!! LOL!)

Giant moth in Texas

New stickers on our trailers :-/

Carrot cake made from Dr. Sue Black's recipe recommendation, go check out some (trust me, she does a LOT more!!!) of what she's involved in here with Bletchley Park

My summer shoes :)


Jen Blalock said...

Miss you on Twitter Gabs! I

gabsatrucker said...

Jen, missing y'all too :(. hoping this gets straightened out soon otherwise I'll be setting up a different account