07 December 2011

Gone layabout and playing in the kitchen

Yep, still being a layabout :-). Trying to recover mentally and physically, some disturbing long-term symptoms from the stress I've noticed has been a lack of energy which is probably mostly a lack of iron.  My fingernails are also the softest they've ever been in my life, totally ragged from where I'm constantly bending and breaking them right now.  The quickest solution is usually buy a course of vitamins and supplements or at the very least, a good multi-vitamin.  And I did just that...........which very quickly reminded me of why I don't take them in the first place, to be polite about it, let's just say that I couldn't get very far from a bathroom for the majority of the day yesterday.  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after determining that I really don't want to deal with intestinal distress for however long it takes me to adjust to the vitamins in pill form I used the ever useful google search to find what foods would be the best to boost up my iron and calcium levels..........which led me to KALE.  Yep, the green that's used as garnish and backdrop in most restaurant buffets (anyone work at Shoney's and remember having to "shock" the kale at night after closing?).  Most of y'all already know about it's super food reputation and I kinda was but after doing that search, oh wow, I didn't realize how much of a nutritional impact it has.  My thing was not wanting to eat it in salads because it can be slightly bitter thus the smoothie concoctions have begun!!!!!!!

Certainly doesn't look appetizing, eh?  But take a cup of torn up kale leaves, throw in most of a fresh orange, small handful of blueberries, bit of orange juice, and a drizzle of honey and it's very tasty.  I can still taste the kale but in this form it's more of a green, kinda clean taste, if that makes any sense.  I've also added milk instead of the oj, tossed in some tofu, used frozen pineapple, mango, and strawberries in lieu of the blueberries (for those times when I don't want a purple, frothy mustache, lol).  I also want to try a cucumber/tomato/kale mixture at some point. Just started with the kale smoothies this week but hoping the 2x a day addition will start showing results soon.

Other foodie stuff I've done lately is whipping up batches of butternut squash-red pepper, cold avocado, and sweet potato-chorizo soups.  The first and last I made in batches large enough to freeze for quick meals. Highly recommend Ken's Recipes blog from where I got the butternut squash soup recipe, the chocolate cake  is simply the best I've ever tried. I also have done some experimenting with a couple of British-inspired recipes.  Yes, it's safe to say the calorie-counting is on hiatus.  I would have shared these with friends but my cooking mood hit while I was recovering from a cold and didn't want to take any chances with contaminating anyone :-/.

jalapeno scones with mozzarella cheese

steak and ale pie

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