02 December 2011

Ciao Lola

Don't you hate when you can't think of a blog post title?  And has it really been almost a month since I last posted? Wow, time is flying by.

So a bit of catching up is due, quite a few are already aware of this but yes I quit my job last month. This trucker is on a bit of a hiatus, at least through the holidays.  As of right now, I'm unsure of if I will return to it or not but things had built up to a point where if I didn't get out from behind the wheel I was going to end up wrecking due to the extreme stress levels and I wanted to leave before I ruined my clean driving record.  The final straw for me was being switched from the Tennessee route to a Rochester, NY route without so much as a "Do you mind?" message or phone call and this was after being reassured the week prior that yes, even though there was some loads being shifted around I would remain on the Tennessee run.  It's not that I mind going to Rochester, the plant up there is actually a quicker in & out than what I'd been on, it's the fact that there was no respect, courtesy, or communication in letting me know there was a change being made.  Combine that with the paycut, a truck that's falling apart around me, the EOBR which meant even less time at home, and the constant layovers and my final straw was broken.

An example of the lack of communication within this company--I gave my notice via qualcomm message so there would be a record of it and that way there could be no recriminations and no "Well, she never said she was quitting" comments. I get a message back in return asking why, I list everything I've laid out in the blog over the past few months, and I get back "Is there anything I could have done differently?".  Sigh............this is a brand-new guy, I'm not gonna tear into him for things he had nothing to do with except for the lack of communication bit.  Which seems to have gone right over his head because the day after I cleaned out my truck, I receive a phone call at 8pm from night dispatch asking if I was ready to roll. Ummmm, say what?  I replied no, I was NOT ready to roll because I'd given my notice the week before and had turned in my keys. I can hear keys being punched and finally an "Are you sure?" lol!!!!!!!!!!! Best moment ever was being able to say "yes, that would be an I'm not ready to roll" in reply, still makes me giggle thinking about it.

So there you go, I'm unemployed albeit voluntarily and I do have quite a bit to do around here that I've just been putting off all year.  Throw that in with the task of editing some of TWBrit's writing (hey, he's an author now, about time!) and I'm staying fairly busy.  He actually wrote a nice blogpost or 2 about me lately (I think the dental infections are getting to his brain) including this one when I made the decision to quit.

Ciao Lola


Layla said...

Good for you! Quitting before you did something to jeopardize yourself is a good thing. I did the same last year, and I have never once regretted it. Life is too short to be miserable. Now go have some fun!!

gabsatrucker said...

You were part of my inspiration!!! If I ever quit catching colds I plan on it :D.