19 August 2012


Running. It's my therapy, I gripe, grumble, rant, rave so much that I think my friends sometimes want to shove me in front of a car in order to shut me up especially on the days I decide to TMI them.  TMI=too much information just in case anyone is unfamiliar with the term.  Imparting with TMI is usually accompanied by groans, gasps, and "gross!"

Running is also where sometimes a friend will tell a story and you're laughing so hard it hurts and and you can't run in a straight line (ala Speedy Girl this past Wednesday) which is not good when you happen to be on a fairly busy road right at dawn that has no shoulder. 

Then there is running with (wo)man's best friend, looking up, and saying "Oh my gawd, is that a skunk????"  Yep, that happened this morning on our Sunday morning recovery trail run.......Fortunately, Elsie was right beside me and I had her leash in hand so was able to stop her from running on up to it.  Brenda's dog Jessie (who Elsie usually follows EVERYWHERE out there) was not next to us.  We're all shouting come back, Jessie is thinking there has to be something good out there since we all sound panicky, and runs by the skunk 2-3 times before she finally spots it and lunges at it playfully...........Tail goes up, I'm thinking that's all she wrote for the interior of Bren's car, and then the skunk CHARGES AND CHASES JESSIE!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, it was the funniest sight, I'm just glad it charged rather than spinning around to spray.  Talk about sighs of relief once we got away and quit laughing long enough to do so. 

Have I mentioned I love my running friends (2 and 4 legged) lately? 

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