19 August 2012

Seen on the run

There are some places I have the privilege to run that while they may not be breathtakingly beautiful by most people's standards, they do have just a little something extra that seems to soothe the soul and makes even a bad run well worth getting out of bed before dawn.

Can barely make out the church, the old saying about darkest before dawn is a cliche for a reason

Sharing the field, there were also a couple of horses but they wouldn't stand still so I could take their pics

Typical country road around here, most are paved now

I totally threw off our pace by wanting to stop and take photos but I think my friends were enjoying feeding the goats ;-)

The black one in front was the first to come visit Robert when we stopped

baaaaaaa, more please! And yes, goats do baa

Bit of swamp, last week there was a blue crane out here but didn't see it this weekend

I didn't manage to get photos of the baby armadillo, raccoon, field full of deer, the crazed squirrels, or the kittens that followed two of our friends (people that dump animals should be tarred and feathered on the town square by the way, grrrr) but I'm sure you're getting the idea why this is one of my favorite routes.

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