11 October 2009

4 weeks to go

The marathon is a looming! Just 4 more short weeks, eep.......Yesterday was my 2nd 20 mile training run and with the races upcoming it will probably be my last before Wynne. Fortunately this 20 mile run went a lot better than the first but that was because I was able to hang out with Brenda, Cindy, Jackie, and Lisa this time. Long runs are sooooooooo much more fun and pleasant when you have somebody to share the torture with, LOL. All of them are experienced marathoners so was just able to kick back and hopefully soak some of their wisdom in.

Not much else to talk about--training was kind of hit and miss last week with the weather but I'd been following a much more difficult training plan than what I was supposed to for my first marathon so not going to freak out too much.

Monday--3.24 miles with Elsie +.5 mile walk to and from the dentist (6 month checkup/cleaning)

Tuesday--4.25 miles with James and Elsie at the Rivertrail in the evening, tummy issues for me, and we had some near-misses with skunks, yikes!

Wednesday--Awesome, awesome midday tempo run (5.71 miles) at Robinson, TX. I also was adding in sprints halfway up the hills.

Thursday--hot and humid, used it for a rest day

Friday--3.28 miles on the treadmill--major stomach issues--this was supposed to have been an 8 mile run.

Saturday--fantastic 20.11 mile run! .66 miles solo to warm up and make sure all bathroom issues were resolved, then 19.45 with the group.

40.93 miles for the week

Ok, the stomach issues..........I do believe I have developed an intolerance to peanuts. Nearly every single one of my runs where I've had major issues can be traced back to where I've had something to eat containing peanuts (reese's pb cup, peanut butter, bag of nuts, trail mix bar). It's the only common denominator when I look back over what I've eaten. This is incredibly frustrating because that is such an easy and convenient protein source especially when I'm on the truck :(.

ok, that's all I can think about right now. Nice boring week as far as the trucking goes thank goodness, LOL. I had all the excitement I could stand last week.


Newly and Forever, Tamantha said...

Sounds similar to my recent events..Cheryl and I also did our second and last 20 miler before our marathon this past weekend. We are doing the Bass Pro on Nov. 1. Our run this past weekend was also better than our last 20 miler for sure! Good luck to you! And sorry about the peanut thing...do you like almonds? I love almond butter!

gabsatrucker said...

Glad you and Cheryl had a great 20 miler too! Good luck at Bass Pro. Haven't tried the almond butter since I narrowed the stomach issues down to being caused by peanuts. Nutella is ok but I haven't tried it before a run either. Will have to try it out soon on a day I'm going to use the treadmill at the gym.


Susan said...

I am sorry about the peanut thing - bummer!

20 miler -- go Gabrielle go! I have to do one this weekend. Alone.