24 October 2009

Soaring Wings 1/2 Marathon

Race #17 of the grand prix is done. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 3 more to go, woo-hoo! Oh wait one of them is that pesky marathon in 2 weeks. Yikes...........

So, today.......hmm, got lost on way to race despite the decent directions. Why the heck do I have no problem in the big truck yet have so much trouble in my pickup?!? LOL. So was late and didn't get to visit with my friends beforehand, grrr.....Did find almost everybody before race start for hugs and howyadoin's. A twitter friend (Hi Christie!) even found me to say hello before race start while I was frantically scurrying around--rabid squirrels didn't have anything on me this morning, ha-ha!

Managed to find Eugene (well he found me) who offered to pace me again (he paced me on the Hogeye 1/2 back in April). I told him that I'd ate a proper breakfast and took a gel just before lining up so hopefully I wouldn't bonk again :). First 6 miles were awesome although I think I was a bit too talkative for Eugene and his friend. Men, they just don't understand the value of talking during a long race, lol. Then we had a mis-communication, I told Eugene I would be walking at the next water stop to drink and take another gel, he thought I said I needed the port-a-potty! He ran off and left me!!!!!!!! I had a heckuva time catching back up, think it took me about 2 miles and it took quite a bit out of me. Guess I should've just let him go on but I thought he was just trying to motivate me to move a bit faster and quit talking so darn much.

The last 3 miles were miserable.......I even felt a bit light-headed for a while but just kept listening to Eugene who would tell me different things to focus on. Oh and this is listed as a "challenging" course with rolling hills. Geez I don't think I'm ever going to have a 1/2 marathon that I feel good finishing, lol!

This is an awesome race though, it's in its second year and it is so much better organized than many other races that have been around for a lot longer. Very pretty course, perfect weather today (sunny and cool), awesome volunteers, great food, and lots of spectators cheering. Super cool age group awards too (don't know if I placed or not yet) made out of railroad spikes.

Garmin splits
Mile 1 8:51
Mile 2 8:59
Mile 3 8:55
Mile 4 8:57
Mile 5 8:48
Mile 6 8:50
Mile 7 8:49
Mile 8 8:41
Mile 9 8:27
Mile 10 8:38
Mile 11 8:45
Mile 12 9:06
Mile 13 8:36
Mile 13.1 8:01

Mile 7 and 8 was when I was trying so hard to catch Eugene. Very hilly through there, then we ran a couple more at his pace before I started slowing again. My garmin time was 1:55:59, but there was a wave start and some timing issues. Last time I checked the results at race site before leaving I was listed at 1:56:51. Hopefully they will have that straightened out and posted online fairly soon. So I have a new 1/2 marathon pr, previous pr was 2:01:36 at the Hogeye Half but I'm feeling very beat up right now.

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