05 December 2010

Rambling on

An update is a bit overdue I guess.  First off I'd like to say thank you to everyone for their comments here, on twitter, and those i know in real life  The amount of support has been simply amazing and  I've found myself overwhelmed by all the kindness and non-judgementalness (I don't think that's a real word, lol).  THANK YOU

I have kind of let time slip by me, not getting things done except in short frenzied bursts.  ATT is frustrating the heck out of me but I finally have everything sorted. Mobile phone bills are separated and the dsl & wireless modem are ordered so hopefully I can get that installed for James next weekend.  

Work....well I'm having a difficult time adjusting to the schedule change. And yes this was requested by me so I can't complain but y'all know I will anyways.  Friday night I was driving by all the 1/2 empty fuel stops and for the life of me couldn't figure out WHY there were parking spots available at some of them when it finally hit home that it wasn't Monday. D'oh!!!! 

Today finds me chasing the logbook because I'm bumping right against the 70 hour rule, grrr. 6.75 hours available to work today, 6 tomorrow. Enough to get me home but to get a 34 hour restart there I have to get up at midnight tonight.  Totally throws my body clock out of sync but it's either that or take my 34 hours at Laredo.  

So there's my whinging for the day, I'm headed for Hillsboro so will have some wifi at Starbucks to do another blog post with pictures--if I can find a parking spot that is.  Ohhhhh, that reminds me, I've lost my unlimited data plan on my iPhone due to the switching of accounts, grrrrrrrr.


Todd McCann said...

Oh yes. AT&T screws you every chance they get.

Terri said...

I agree with Todd, AT&T does suck. Luckily, I didn't lose the unlimited data when we split accounts because I was the primary person on it, I think.

Will you get to move back into a more normal schedule come January? I know for right now, the alternate schedule is good for you.

If anyone can appreciate the non-judgmentalness (yep, it's a word, in my book, anyway), it's me.

gabsatrucker said...

Terri, lucky you!!!! I'm betting I'm gonna go over on my usage