17 January 2011

Have your cake and run!!!!!!!

Brooks Run Happy
I very much needed this weekend off, got a great deal of unpacking done but seem to have spent too much again on needed "things" but still seem to have not gotten everything I would like.  However I have managed to catch up with a few friends while getting my run on :-).  Friday with 2 of my best girls in Little Rock/N. Little Rock for a nice easy 5 miler which included lots of great chat and some navigating the ice over the Broadway Bridge.  Saturday was just over 11 miles with 7 other friends on a hilly, icy route then meeting up with breakfast with even more of the Cruiser family afterward.

Yesterday I even managed to bake a cake completely from scratch even without having all the proper tools......unfortunately I ended up getting in a rush and the results were less than spectacular visually.  Tastewise it was the overly sweet concoction that it was meant to be.  The outer part was just confectioners sugar, finely ground almonds, lemon juice and almond extract dusted with granular sugar. Yeah, sugar overload.........next time off I will try a different recipe for the cake and hopefully I will have all the proper utensils.

The very ugly end result of my baking experiment, don't laugh too loudly please, lol!!!!!!!!!!

And here it is Monday already.......where ever did the time go?  It's chilly (35f/1.9c), overcast, drizzly, just the kind of day I LOVE to run--huge grin--No seriously, this is perfect running weather.  Headed out for what was supposed to be an easy 5 miler at a 9:54 pace to test out my new racing flats from Brooks Running, the women's Green Silence (go read about 'em, very cool shoes!).

Well, my first mile was 9:01 and felt comfy, aided by some great music......right up until 1.27 miles and my mp3 player's battery died......who knew you had to charge them occasionally, lol.  No worries, I was feeling good, loving my new shoes, loving the slight drizzle, loving the RUN.  Miles 2-5  8:58/8:43/8:31/7:59.  Now that's a progression workout but not the 9:54 pace I was supposed to do, oopsy :D. 

This is approximately 30 seconds slower than my 5 miler near the end of December at Italy, TX but today felt tons easier, I may actually be starting to regain some speed and endurance again, yay!! The shoes were awesome but as of right now I think my maximum distance in them will be 10k, gotta say that my feet did feel better than they usually do after a run so there's definitely something about the minimalist cushioning, less is more when it comes to trainers.  My only complaint is that they are only available in black and I'm not so much a fan of black running shoes, the guys version is a fantastically loud red and yellow combo.

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Jen Blalock said...

Those are some sharp shoes Gabs! Great job on the run and personally, I think the cake looks yummy! Glad you are getting settled and got to see some friends too! - Jennrunns