19 January 2011

Mudbaths are good for the skin I hear

I drive a 2008 International Prostar for work and the starters on these particular trucks have a tendency to fail quite regularly....the kicker of it is that you don't get the traditional "click-click" noise when the key is turned.....just nothing....kind of like the dead silence you get when someone says something mortifying that everyone else wishes they could scrub from their auditory canals.  Well I've been getting those episodes occasionally this month so when I had the fuel leak issue I also wrote up the starter....which night shift supposedly tested...and I assumed it had been replaced.  Yep, mistake number 1 on my part.

Second mistake? That would be shutting my truck off at the dunnage dock which just so happen to sit downslope from a very muddy area and water puddles up in small ponds all around the cab of your truck.

Yep, turn the key, let it cycle through the cacophony of warning buzzers.....and nada..I'm cringing because I don't want to get out and lay in this

in order to beat on the starter... to reach it you have to lay on your back just behind the driver's side steer tire, kinda fold up the mudflap and scoot under the fender and springs to reach the thing.  Whoever came up with that design should be drawn and quartered, just my personal opinion anyway.

So hair is tucked up into a ponytail bun to try and keep it out of the way, work jacket on (why don't I own coveralls???), and with a huge sigh of trepidation I scoot my way under Lola's chassis to hammer on the starter....once, twice...no results. After the second time, Scotty the forklift driver meanders out to find out what I'm doing.

Explain the situation then crawl under there again.  Attempts 3, 4, and 5 and still that maddening silence.  Each time I'm getting more and more soaked and dirty and Scotty is looking more horrified everytime I scoot back out.

The fifth attempt also came with a bash to my right eyebrow, after a quick glimpse in the mirror to make sure I wasn't going to bleed all over everything I discovered the grease and mud down the left side of my face.  Yup, I love my job :D.

Thus began the process of trying to get in touch with our road rescue dept...yeah I was going under that truck with the iPhone pressed to my ear praying I didn't drop it.....RR by the way wanted me to continue with what I was doing (of course) but with someone turning the key simultaneously. I enlisted Scotty to sit in my truck and be in charge of that while I hammered on that recalcitrant starter several more times. FINALLY it caught!!! Geez, I wouldn't mind a mudbath but I really prefer a spa setting, lol.

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