14 January 2011

Time is not on my side

I'm so going to quit promising blog posts, they're just not happening due to a lack of time.......and that's really quite frustrating because I do have a few topics bumping around in the hollow spaces of my brain that I'd like to get down before I completely forget them.

So what's up in the world of Gabby? Well, thank you for asking :-).  I've now moved, much closer to work and my running friends, although further away from my cycling friends.  Busy with work, missing my 3 day weekends that I had for the previous 4 years but I have things to do and I did volunteer so not complaining *much*.  It is nice living much closer because I can drive home on my way down to Laredo to grab a shower and check my mail.....Hey, boring stuff but it is the little things that make life bearable.......and this brings me to why I'm actually getting to write a post today.  After fueling at the purgatory that is the North Little Rock Pilot, I parked at the terminal, raced home for my shower, and upon arriving back to the yard, noticed a very overwhelming diesel smell the moment I got out of my pickup.

Thinking nothing of that, I walk around to the driver's door and am confronted with a huge puddle of diesel on the ground, yeah, not good.  Quick look underneath and there was a steady drip, drip, drip of diesel....I'm guessing one of the straps had rubbed a hole into the bottom of the tank but since it was night and I had no desire to lay in the diesel to determine exactly where it was coming from I just unhooked from the trailer and drove over to the shop bays only to have to deal with some moron of a driver who kept interrupting me while I was trying to find out who, what, when, where, why from the lead mechanic on getting repairs done.  Y'know all the stuff the dispatcher asks when you call in to tell him you can't deliver the load......

And this brings me to this morning.....laying on my sleeping bag aka bed, writing this post.  I am frustrated that I'm missing out on 1,424 miles worth of pay but so incredibly thankful that I found this while parked at my home terminal......The EPA and DOT fines alone would have more than wiped out any wages I would have earned not to mention being stuck out on the road getting repairs......oh and let's not forget the safety aspect of it........least of my worries would have been running out of fuel......yeah, there's a whole lot more that could have happened.

Ok, gotta get out of bed. Have a lot of unpacking to do still and I NEED to get out and run at least a little, all this ice has had me out of the trainers for the past 2 days, I'm 16 miles in deficit this week and I kind of have an international 1/2 marathon end of February that I've maxed out my credit card for so training is a bit important, lol.  Plus I NEED to go buy a washer and dryer that I actually have cash money for thanks to a very generous Christmas gift from my dad (still feel odd about accepting that but a very loving lecture from my sis kinda put the brakes on refusing it).  It is much appreciated though.

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