12 July 2011

good times......or not

For most of you it comes as no surprise that the latter part of May and most of June was just a total bitch of a time for me.  Personal stuff and truck issues it just seemed like karma decided I needed a kick in the arse.  Trailer repairs, shipper delays, broken welds, ran out of fuel due to a faulty sensor, tire blowouts, one very long weekend of a stop engine warning light, air conditioner going out in 90-100F temps, a jerk of a co-worker that I ended up calling in on.  Not going to go into a long-winded whinge (well, no more so than I already have, lol). but I am going to post a few pics of the adventures

Broken welds on part of brake system from a trailer I picked up Memorial Day weekend

Repair truck service guy that drove past me despite all sides of my truck logo being visible...and he somehow missed me trying to wave him down, lol

Elsie brought me her duck to cheer me up

Way too much of this 

 ummm, oops?

There's a road somewhere, windshield wipers couldn't keep up 

Don't think you can see it but there are quarter to golf ball sized hailstones on this flatbed. Aftermath from the previous pic

Front tire on driver's side 

Rear tire......my theory is that when the front recap blew it hit the back one with such force that it caused it to peel also

Sigh.........but I got new drive tires out of it at least

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