12 July 2011


Ok, I'm here, still trucking and running along although the trucking part is kind of wearing on me more and more. The imminent open border with Mexico is probably going to cause my dedicated route to disappear and then I will either have to scramble along with all our other Laredo drivers to look for other routes or (most likely) go over the road.  I really have no desire to be an OTR driver again, I've seen as much of the U.S. from the interstates as I care to from the seat of a big truck.  Now as far as traveling and exploring things at my leisure, well now that's an entirely different matter but unless I win the lottery that's not gonna happen right away.  Not to mention companies are slashing pay and benefits left and right, increasing regulation worries about our hours of service, etc, etc.....Actually there was an editorial piece in the Manteca Bulletin that explains all this much better than I can, I highly encourage everyone to go read this because it's one of the rare articles that is not ANTI-trucking from outside the industry.

While I'm sorta on the subject of trucking industry publications, I have a bit of a rant about one of the freebie mags that you can pick up at the entrance to any truckstop.  This one focuses on driver's health..........That is an absolutely fantastic thing but upon checking it out online I discovered that one of the contributors is a somewhat well-known blogger who also happens to be obese and has very openly discussed their disdain about getting sweaty and working out on said blog.  Ummm, yeah.  Can we agree that maybe choosing a writer based on their "name" and web numbers might be just a little lazy?  There are many drivers out here that ARE making healthy choices and do write about their experiences--NO, I am not volunteering, either--I just feel it might have been a great opportunity to have a driver that does take their health and fitness seriously write for them, not just someone who is doing it for the money.  Right, rant over but I highly encourage any of the drivers who read my blog that are into healthy choices to contact said publication to see if they can do some articles for them.

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