21 July 2011

Shrouded in a fog of ennui

That was the first half of a tweet from earlier tonight......I won't post the rest of it here because I (mostly) try to keep the blog somewhat clean and while the remainder of the message still holds true it's not quite fit for polite(r) company.  A skype discussion then later a twitter convo really hit home that I seem to have lost what little creativity and zoom-zoom that I had, it literally feels like my brain and emotions are somewhat shrouded right now.  A big part of it is the job......between the speed being governed down--unless I use the cruise control--and the ensuing constant, neverending cursing from other truckdrivers about the lack of said speed.  Toss in the constant barrage of qualcomm messages about CSA 2010 and logbook dos and don'ts, trucking has lost its "fun and interesting" factor.  Oh don't get me wrong, I still consider driving safely and somewhat well a point of pride but the company and the endless litany of regulations is making me dread leaving for work each time.  Throw in an aging truck and the constant trailer breakdowns and...........well, let's just say I need an extended holiday, preferably one in a different country chasing new adventures. 

Sigh, enough of a whinge for you?  Yeah, me too.

In other news, proper training for the Marine Corps Marathon is about to start and I need to book a hotel for that weekend asap........would prefer something quirky and a bit out of the norm but we are talking about our nation's capitol and like most everything else, it's gonna cost ya.  Having sticker shock from the rates and most of 'em don't include breakfast or parking if I decide to splurge on a rental car.  Still searching for abode that's got that something different so suggestions are very much welcomed and appreciated, only have to have (other than safe and no bedbugs) is close access to the Metro.

I also seem to have recovered from the Full Moon 25k quite well......a couple of days rest and extended time with Sven Foamroller helped immensely.  Now if I could only start sleeping halfway decent and waking up at the before the buttcrack of dawn to get my training in before the heat of the day intensifies I'd be set.  Ran 4 miles with Elsie this morning and while the humidity made me feel like I was running underwater, my legs were decent.

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The Wondering Brit said...

Are those pictures taken with your new phone? They're amazing!!

I think I want one of those!! You must write and do a comparison of this new one compared to the old iPhone at some point (please)