07 March 2012

I did NOT run a marathon.......

.............but I did volunteer at the Little Rock Marathon expo on Saturday.

My first time ever doing so and I think I was as nervous about volunteering as I am about racing, lol.  It was very cool getting to see so many people I know while they were picking up their race packets but at the same time a bit odd explaining that I wasn't racing the next day because I didn't get signed up for the half-marathon before it sold out (I wasn't kidding about no more full marathons for me!).

I even wore a pair of deely-boppers! Even funnier, I wore them out of the expo center and on the entire hike to my pickup.  Yes, there were stares and comments from drunk guys and I think I might have even ended up on one of the local channel's live feed glaring at the camera with purple alien antennae on my head, lol!!!!!!!

I seem to have discovered a little bit of a silly streak in my mid-40's

A huge congrats to all who did run the various distances this past weekend.  You all ROCK!!! 

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