02 March 2012

Smiley things

I've had a few things make me smile this week that weren't dog or running related.  There's definitely a boot in the mix though.

Yes, chocolate covered wasabi peas. Oh. My. Gosh.  These aren't what you would expect at all from something with wasabi in the name, they are NOT set your mouth and sinuses on fire hot.  Yeah, yeah, I know to quite a few people that's a flaw but these are more along the vein of spicy chocolate kinda yummy.  Enough of a bite to make things interesting rather than unbearable. Light, crunchy, yummy, addictive.  Excellent customer service too, I received my order within 2 days of placing it although I would recommend ordering them quick before it heats up anymore here in the south (the whole melting in the mailbox issue).

I became aware of the "Style Me Vintage" series of books courtesy of the amazing Tuppence Ha'penny, a blog that I frequently peruse.  This copy made its way to me from the UK, complete with the Royal Mail postmark and all (yes, I geek out over that) as an amazingly awesome birthday present from a very good friend :-).  

This is on my bedroom wall as of this week--love, love, love this.  As far as philosophies or personal mantras, this isn't a bad one to have all ;-)

Mauve suede boots..........kinda loving these even with the lower heel

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