07 April 2012

HighRock Hop adventures part dois

Hey! More pics! Lol, as you can tell from the number of pics I've posted I wasn't "racing" the HighRock Hop.  After the beauty of the Sylamore 25k and the kicking of myself for not taking a camera along for that, I decided  that I wasn't going to pass up another opportunity to photograph some of our beautiful terrain.

Obviously, this doesn't count as the beautiful terrain part, lol

Approaching the only part that scared me (claustrophobic)

Ok, not quite as narrow as it seemed. Except for this one part to the left that's hidden. Definitely a suck in your tummy squeeze through bit.

Brenda and Maria navigating through

One of my favorite photos of the day

Gorgeous, eh?

Another squeeze 

Gratuitous trail shot

We were waaaaaay over there!

Pause and enjoy the beauty

Loving my Brooks Cascadia 7 trail shoes!

We crossed through this cold creek twice.  The 2nd time was pure heaven because it cooled us down and numbed some lower leg extremities

The trail runner's version of an ice bath

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Look how clear that water is, absolutely fantastic

This guy was enjoying all the runner loving ;-)

We all enjoyed hot-dogs and hamburgers grilled on this outdoor pit afterwards

All in all the HighRock Hop is a must do in my opinion.........it is a smaller race but since it's on private land and they so generously opened their home to us and fed us so much afterwards I kind of hope it stays that way.  The trail was extremely well laid out, every last little stob and hole was marked with red ribbon, they even had extra water stops because of the unseasonable heat we've been having.  Truly feel lucky to have gotten to participate in this run.  Since it was a race with results posted and all, guess I should mention our times, eh?  The 3 of us girls finished in 2:37 but like I said before we weren't running this for time, just the fun and joy of getting to run on new (to us) trails.  oh, and the t-shirt of course ;-)

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