07 April 2012

HighRock Hop adventures

I'm loving the trails this year......well, I always love the trails, it always seems like playtime (there have been exceptions, lol) and reminds me of some of the good parts about being a kid.  Y'know, wading in creeks, getting muddy, climbing over rocks, FUN stuff.  So when Brenda told us about the HighRock Hop up in Batesville, an organized trail race/run that was also FREE, of course I said yes (again!).  And yes, Maria came along again too, yay!!!!!  This is a much smaller run that is on privately owned land and oh am I envious of how gorgeous it is.  I am happy that they decide to share this slice of gorgeous Arkansas nature with all of us strangers--sorta strangers anyway.


We're here (or there)

The Race Motto

Us girls with Robert

Don't ask about my weird pose, I think I was concentrating on sucking in my tummy

The first big climb

In the pasture, watch out for cowpies!

Reminded me of Sylamore through here

Wee bit of a drop but not the steepest area we had

Love this image

oops, think I was a bit lopsided here 

These rocks HURT to run across

Runners in the distance

Brenda smiling :-)

This is getting pic intensive, will continue in another post.

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