24 May 2012

Joplin Memorial Run

In the previous 5 days I've actually done a fair bit of moving about.  On Saturday I ran the Joplin Memorial Run Half Marathon that my friend Julie talked me into registering for a couple of months ago.  While the race wasn't what I was hoping for (sub 2 hour) at least I got the mileage done and that was my 3rd race in 7 days so I don't suppose I should grumble about a 2:03:39 chip time but I would've like to have skipped the porta potty stop during the race.  Oh and don't get a pedicure 2  days before a half marathon!!! My feet were feeling some pain, I'm still surprised I didn't end up with blisters.

First race in my half-fanatics shirt :-)

Part of our running club crew that ran Joplin

There is still a fair bit of  damage in the Joplin area, quite sobering to hear some of the stories and see the leveled areas from the tornado that hit just over a year ago.  I'm not going to get into the details since this is all available with a simple search but it will definitely make you tear up.

Memorial Tree, terrible pic but my phone started messing up.

So, the race itself........The good:  lots of porta-potties both at the start/finish line and all along the course.  Fantastic volunteers at the water stops and even the residents all along the course were sitting outside cheering us on.  They had 2 troughs set up with ice water to soak your legs and feet in afterwards.  The shirts are technical and offered a choice of tee or singlet style and they had male/female cuts available (most races only offer unisex and no smaller sizes than a small).   There was lots of water available on the course and after the race and if you were of legal age you could get two free beers afterward.  Gorgeous course for the first few miles and the medal is absolutely beautiful.


lots and lots of water

cold but felt so good on my aching feet

Beer, Blue Moon or Miller Lite

ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Blue Moon of course (and my cute Brooks Launch trainers!)

Isabel and Julie waiting on me to finish my beverage

Isabel and me before the race

The bad:  Quite a few of the porta-potties were not lockable.  I know that's not the fault of the race director but of the supplier but it is something they need to insist on next year from whatever company they hire.  Lots of people getting walked in on including me at one point.  Didn't help that the runner was over-aggressive in pulling the door open, lol.  Also it would be nice if there was hand sanitizer available either inside or at the tables.  While the first part of the course was gorgeous, there was a section that had to be run on sidewalks and it was covered with loose gravel, I'm kind of surprised no one fell during this section.  This race is a hilly one and the latter part had no shade whatsoever so be prepared for that when you run it.  Pre-race banquet was the usual: 2 kinds of pasta, salad, green beans and cold apple or cherry pie and despite asking for coffee, no one bothered coming to our section with the carafe.  Unless there's a speaker you really want to hear, this is a skip.

another "chime" for my door :-)

If you're in the Joplin area I do highly recommend eating at the Red Onion Espressoria.  I had the best BLT and A sandwich there, gotta love a place that offers fresh sliced avocado rather than mashed up guacamole.  The Banana Foster latte was also a huge win.  

Isabel, me and Julie at the expo.

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