24 May 2012

busy, busy

Somehow (it's all TWBrit's fault) I managed to get into the Google Big Tent UK 2012 conference at The Grove.  Very, very, very cool and interesting, it's one of those things you read about afterwards and think how in the world do I get an invite so I am very appreciative of this opportunity.  There were a couple of things that fell flat and there a few that it just seemed like they liked the sound of their own voices a bit too much but overall it was a nice mixture of speakers and debate.  My favorite session was Aleks Krotoski's very enthusiastic presentation on her Serendipity Engine although the talk in between sessions was every bit as intriguing as what was going on inside the tent.  Quite an eclectic mix of people were attending although as is to be expected it was heavy on journalists.  There is quite a bit already written and published about the talks so please feel free to google (wink, wink) and read up on what other people had to say about the talks.

Unfortunately, Aleks was so animated I had trouble getting a good image of her

The Serendipity Engine

During a break

Sorry, forgot to take a pic before I chowed down on half my lunch

Eric Schmidt (most people left after his session, so excellent planning on having it after lunch)

Taking a breather

The Good or Evil session

Books! signed by the authors no less :-)

The Grove entrance

Like last year I seem to have brought my area's hot weather to the UK with me and if I was to have any complaint about the day's events it was that it was sweltering inside the Tent, however unseasonably warm temps are not the planners's faults so not grumbling at them in the least, they did the best they could with the conditions.  This opportunity has given me a lot to think on and I loved being able to attend.  

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