02 May 2012

Pictorial Play

I seem to have fallen behind on the blog updates again but I've not been taking many pictures and I've been advised that there needs to be more "visual aids" in order to keep it interesting.  While I hate to admit it, that advice is probably correct, I've noticed more hits on the posts with pics. And let's face it, most of the time my prose isn't exactly scintillating stuff ;-).

So what's happened since April 15th?

approaching the Hogeye finish line, see the raindrops on the pavement?

Tessa was adopted by a wonderful older couple in Connecticut

Tessa and me before she boarded the transport to her new home

I've enjoyed far too many cups of coffee from the Keurig (thanks again Patti!!)

Battled fire ants

Volunteered at a health fair where I cheered on kids racing and made my hands sore from clapping so much

My sister placed first in her age group at a 5k!!!!!

Scored a Razorback jog bra from Ebay, WPS!!!!!!

Placed first in our clinic's Women Can Run Mock 5k

Ran 197 miles in April

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