16 June 2012

Last Run in the UK

Yep, radio silence has ended and I'm back in the states recovering from a wicked case of jet lag. 3 weeks was more than long enough to get adjusted to UK time--it didn't help that the sun seemed to rise around 4am there and not set until nearly 10pm.  Not quite ready to be all verbose so just gonna post a few pics of where I ran most days while there (there might have been a run to the banks of a famous loch but that's a separate post).

misty morning

hopefully if you zoom this up you can see the church steeple in the middle


a sidetrack that led to a dirt road

glimpse of the reservoir

shhhh, the ducks are still sleeping

There's a swan swimming about

which way?

so peaceful

sheep pasture on other side of this

this is a subway........as opposed to a tunnel

These were all taken with a Sony Ericsson Experia that I bought for use while in Great Britain so quality is a bit off on some of them.  It didn't help that it was misting rain and was a bit dreary. These pics were all taken on Tuesday morning on my last run there before being chauffeured to Heathrow for my flights back.


Susan said...

I think you just need to move there. I really do. :)

gabsatrucker said...

Susan, so do I!