24 June 2012

Visiting a palace

My first week in England on this visit was absolutely gorgeous--sunny skies, hot temps (in the 80s), everyone had a smile on their face and most were sporting a sunburn or in the process of trying to get one.  In other words, very UN-typical UK weather and it was a perfect day to visit Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.  Fitting since on the last trip I visited his gravesite, eh?  Yes, I did opt to stand in line and get the annual pass since it was free other than getting my mug-shot and a little bit of time, kinda cool carrying that around in my wallet.

very imposing

side view and the moat depression

intricate ironwork

fearsome! looks like something out of a video game

looking up at the eyes looking down in the main entry


Doesn't she look so elegant?

lush, I probably overuse it but it so applies to quite a lot of the UK

One of the areas we couldn't enter: the maze

love the ducks

Watching the sunbathers

silly pic of me trying to hug one of the giant trees :-)

More sunbathers

We toured much of the interior also but like most places they wouldn't allow photography on the inside (want you to buy the books from the gift shop). Parts of Blenheim Palace can also be rented out for weddings and other events but honestly I wouldn't want to be married there unless it was out in one of the amazing (and extensive) gardens.  Next visit there will be to run the Blenheim Palace half marathon in the fall and I'm hoping to ride the miniature train and play in the Marlborough Maze afterwards--yes, I am still a kid sometimes, lol.


twbrit.com said...

I thought you woulda gone for the whole Uma Thurman look from when they shot The Avengers there :p

gabsatrucker said...

hmmmm, drawbacks to that: I'm not tall, thin, and blonde plus the whole 80plusF temps aren't exactly conducive to skintight leather and pvc :P

Susan said...

Looks amazing! And lush!

gabsatrucker said...

Susan, it was GORGEOUS! There was also a wedding going on that day, they certainly couldn't have asked for more perfect conditions