20 June 2012

A surprise visit to Cambridge

I'm going to blog about my visit to the UK as the mood hits, probably won't be in chronological order but more as I sort through my photos and something strikes a chord.  This one does just happen to be sorta in order because it came on the evening of the day of the Google Big Tent Event, my first full day in England.  It wasn't a planned visit to Cambridge but it was en-route back to where I was staying while there.  Beautiful city full of students and universities, gorgeous architecture, amazing window shopping, and a meal so spicy from Bill's cafe (the piri-piri chicken) it put anything I'd ever eaten in Texas or Louisiana to shame.

Closing time, streets were emptying

I could live here!

I so wonder what this guy was thinking other than "damn tourists"

Hmmm, wonder what happened here ;-)

Because Cambridge is dominated by students, cycling is the primary mode of transport.  As a matter of fact, cyclists seem to have the right of way over everything and everyone, including pedestrians on the sidewalk, I was nearly plowed over several times before I started paying closer attention

I absolutely love this shot, easily one of my favorites of the entire trip

Daisies in multiple forms were scattered everywhere. Can anyone enlighten me as to the significance of them? 

Cycles and red phone boxes

Art Gallery chickens, taken especially for my sis

Adding a few more pics that I took of Bill's cafe that I found today :-)

Bill's Beer

Very cool light fixture

Looking down into the dining area


Anonymous said...

I did used to live there... The place is full of bloody students yer-know ;-)

Nah, Cambridge is nice, little more than a large market town really. Kinda expensive, but only 40 mins from London.

Susan said...

Love that light fixture!

gabsatrucker said...

I loved it too, Bill's was quite an interesting place to eat at. Kind of a less kitschy version of Cracker Barrel (which I love by the way, not knocking 'em at all)