20 June 2012


Wanted to share a couple of songs/artists that have been on repeat on lately. Enjoy!

Icona Pop's "I Love It" has been making the blog rounds lately and rightly so, it's incredibly catchy and upbeat and this would make an awesome pick up the pace addition to the running playlist

Antero Lindgren "Cigarette Stump" for those days when you're feeling mellow or melancholy. Works for either mood or at least it does for me

It's not much of a secret that I loves me an accent and have a boot obsession that's a bit crazy so hearing the gorgeous and hilarious Craig Ferguson ruminate on about HIS boot obsession equals a very happy Gabby.  Fast forward to around 6:19 to hear only that part. Huge thank you to TWBrit for sending me this link!


Anonymous said...

Olde Ferguson... Not bad for a turn-coat ;)
I actually like his work. You should put those pics up of the City of the Dead in Glasgow and that vid he did there - Rocking!!

gabsatrucker said...

all in good time, quit trying to guilt me into blogging more, lol. this whole pic thing is not near as easy as it looks